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Crazy 2019 bob haircuts for you, choose the best!

Crazy 2019 bob haircuts for you, choose the best!

That new 2019 bob haircuts are not long but neither is short,

just that is the long bob cut that has been called crazy, attractive and youthful cut.

The height goes from the chin to the shoulder

and is no longer a transition hairstyle between short and long hair to become a strong trend in hairstyles this 2019.

It adapts to any type of hair, gives a lot of yes to do all kinds of hairstyles and collected and it is also very rejuvenating. 

It favors any type of face and will be perfect with a stripe on the disheveled or casual side,

or with long bangs. It is one of the most versatile hairstyles and you will not be disappointed with the results.


The bangs are back in fashion and trend in 2019.

There are many cuts that accompany the medium haircuts are worked for a maximum volume effect.

Finally, Claude Tarantino for L’Oreal Professional proposes a light and disheveled fringe.



Among the average haircuts of 2019, we find the curls of Fabio Salsa.

The canopy is curled with iron to obtain loose, shiny ringlets.

While the fringe is curved to accentuate the volumes in a retro look.

A vintage charm characterizes the curly haircut of medium length.

The defined curls are thrown back, fixed in a lock but also shortened in a fringe.

While the lengths are equal and scaled.



The inverted or bob cut is the average haircut par excellence.

Frack Provost uses the lateral stripe to give volume to the hair combined

with disheveled effects or structured curls of the 50s.
Among the moderately smooth cuts of hair is

the blunt and structured helmet of Christophe Gaillet.

While Intermede has a slightly scaled cut around the face with a central stripe and natural crease.

2019 bob haircuts
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