COLLECTED HAIRSTYLES with braids collected on the side with onion chongo where two types of hairstyles are combined that are trend and are very fashionable for weddings and using long dresses are ideal since it clears your faceCOLLECTED HAIRSTYLES

Collected with braid waterfall side is very beautiful but you must pay close attention to the step by step so that you can leave as elegant as in the photo


French or Root Braid

Hairstyles with French braids are in fashion and are a trend that more and more women are encouraged to use.

That is why I am going to explain to you how it is done in each step of its assembly for all hair types.

You have to consider that this type of braid starts from very high above the head, so if you have bangs I recommend that you pick it up with a small tupe so that it is easier to have short strands controlled with forks

The hair has to be very well combed, well untangled

If you have wavy or curly hair I advise you to make the braids when the hair is still a little wet.

  1. Separate a strand of hair in the crown area and divide it into three equal parts
  2. You start braiding as if it were a normal braid
  3. Three times and in the third time what you have to do is add a side hair strip that you want to start
  4. Repeat the process by braiding a strand of the side of the head on the other side that you did not
  5. Each braid you have to ensure very well so that it does not disassemble
  6. When you reach the neck area you can fix well with lacquer so that the base part of the braid is not disassembled and more delicate
  7. From that point you start braiding normally as if it were 3 points
  8. When you get to the extreme you ensure with an elastic band.

Step by step photo explanation of the sophisticated French braid where the variant can be according to your needs and skills with hairstyles


Braid chongo back step by step for a wedding is very elegant with a long dress for Christmas parties and end of the year highly recommended