Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh

Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh

 Now it is the time for the school and with the return to school, we want to renew and improve our girls’ hairstyles. Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh so that your daughter looks perfect this Fall Winter 2018 – 2019. We will see the best hairstyles for girl to use daily or on more special occasions Are you ready? Take note!

Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh 1

  • Cute- straight medium-length bob hairstyles with bangs

children haircuts 2019

The Autumn Winter 2018 – 2019 is a very good season to leave your hair feels fresh,

so you can take advantage and cut the hair of your daughter to a measure that still gives you make some kind of pigtail or collected,

as for example is the average mane. 

This example with straight bangs we love!

  • Funny medium-length hairstyles for children

Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh 2
Who hasn’t ever worn two pigtails when I was little? 

We could say that it is the popular hairstyle of childhood that you hated or loved. To us, it seems a good option, both for the day to day to go to school, as for some special occasion,

then, depending on the type of hair of the look you wear, it may look great in a special event. 

In this case, you can also try different types of pigtails, higher or lower, with all the hair or just one part, and put some adornment, child clip type as an ornament.

  • High attractive two-bun

Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh 3

But if your daughter is already tired of the two pigtails and asks you not to do them anymore, but it is very good for you to wear your hair tied, you can innovate with this hairstyle of two high buns.

    • Stylish-sided ponytail to the cute girl

      children haircuts 2019

Cannot you think of ideas to make a different kind of ponytail for your daughter?

 Take pictures of your childhood from the trunk of the memories and look at the hairstyles that you wore, they are sure to be fun! How is the side ponytail, do you remember her?

 We love the childish and fun tone that gives girls this type of hairstyle and never goes out of style, so it is an option that you should always keep in mind for this Fall Winter 2018 – 2019!

  • Very simple events hairstyles-children haircuts 2019

Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh 4 If you have an event during this Autumn Winter 2018 – 2019.

And you do not want your daughter to wear a very elaborate hairstyle that makes her look older than it is, a crown of flowers with a loose hairstyle is the ideal look

You can customize everything you want, such as the size and color of the flowers to go with the set of clothes. Of course, if your daughter is very restless, the crown may hold little in place!

  • Bob hairstyles with bangs-children haircuts 2019

Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh 5 One of the trends that most take always in 2018 – 2019 is the straight bangs, and this fall wasn’t going to be less. A bang feels great, gives another light to the face, and is also very fashionable. 

  • Short natural curly hairstyle

Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh 6
If your daughter has very naturally curly hair, it is a special look, so work with her hands and with foam so that she has a max volume. Not everyone has that great opportunity to be able to wear a hair with style and with a roll.

  • Elegant small braids with their stylish hairstyle

Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh 7 At the beginning of summer there is always on the agenda some more special event such as a wedding. 

If your daughter is invited, she has to be the star of the event, so if you need time to fix yourself, we advise you to foam and leave her hair loose and full.

So that you do not see a journal look, we recommend that you use a headband or a headdress that matches your age so that it looks elegant and fashionable. Do you like it?

  • Elegant hairstyles-children haircuts 2019

Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh 8 This collected under is very quick and easy to make and it is also beautiful. 

Choose a headband that your daughter likes and roll the hair of her hair with the headband. 

To be fixed help yourself with forks and clip that are not too hard because they can hurt you. 

And leave some stray locks to make it look carefree and natural.

  • Stylish hairstyle with braids and attractive high bun

Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh 9 If you are a professional braid, a normal one will not be enough for you or your daughter. 

That’s why we invite you to take a step further by innovating and creating different braids by making links between them. 

A hairstyle to do on special occasions and that you find inspiring. What do you think?

  • Cute girl with attractive hairstyles and headband

Chic children haircuts 2019-kids feel fresh 10
The high bun. although it may seem a hairstyle for older can be the perfect hair for a girl because it is cool, elegant if the occasion requires it and is a different hairstyle so that she looks beautiful. 

This is an informal gathering to attend a birthday or a communion is like a bow undone that gives a natural and carefree touch. 


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