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Charming long bob haircuts 2019&we all admire!


Charming long bob haircuts 2019&we all admire!

Elegant long bob haircuts 2019- Which face shape, how to use it? We are looking at the long bob style. Recently we have a hairstyle that we all admire-The long bob hairstyle.

If you like young and stylish hair models, you will love the long bob model too! If you are wondering who the long bob haircut is worth, we have good news for you!

The long bob model actually fits every hundred lines, you just have to know the cut that’s right for you and you have to shape this cut in the right style.

Which style from the bob do you prefer?

simple long bob haircut models are one of the most dynamic and moving hair models.

The best part of this haircut, neither too long nor too short, is that it can be adapted to almost every hundred shapes.

Especially if you want to add a fresh look to your hair and have a fresh style in the spring season, try the long bob model.

We make the elegant long bob haircut a lot more like a cake. You can add motion to the long bob model by chopping your hair or lapping your moving biceps.

Long bob hair models are also shown among the 2018-2019 hair trends. You have to opt your haircut as soon as possible to be one of the first to try this hairstyle.

Which long bob model should be used to which face?

Round face shape,

This thick hair is very matching the rounded faces with the layered bob haircut. The loose long bob hairstyle adds dimension to the round face and allows you to have more angular lines. While shaping, you should separate your hair from the side. If you like messy, shabby hair models, you can add a bohemian feel to your hair by cutting long hair.

 Cute heart-shaped faces-long bob haircuts 2019

What if you have a heart-shaped face and you want to try the long bob model? The long bob haircut that the tips look intense will look good on the heart and will make the jaw and jaw bones look more rounded.

If you like water wavy colored hair models, you can also use long bob haircuts in this way. After you wavy your hair with a broad-tip hairbrush, you can browse your hair and get a more natural look.

Oval shape attractive faces-long bob haircuts 2019

The oval face shape matches with all kinds of haircuts, the long bob cut is also very suitable! If you want to add some movement to the long bob haircut, you can think of the park cut. Moving skulls starting from the peak will ensure that the oval face looks more balanced.

Square face shape-long bob haircuts 2019

Those girls with a square face shape should use the long bob haircut at full shoulder level. The hair between the long bob and the short bob will look good on you.

Cute-long bob haircuts 2019

Rectangular-long cute face shape

If you have a long and angular face, you should choose the model starting from the bottom of the long bob section. The slightly longer hair models from the jawline are one of the most simple haircuts in the world with rectangular faces.


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