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Charming hair colors autumn 2018-2019 for a new look!

Charming hair colors autumn 2018-2019 for a new look!

For who are waiting for the autumn. The autumn is upon us and it brings with it its share of new trends in fashion, beauty, and Charming hair colors autumn 2018-2019! What colors are taking the attention of hair color this year?

In order to inspire you for your next color or just to keep up with what will be in the coming months, here are the 7 trendy hair colors in the autumn of 2018-2019.

  • Simple-highlighted blonde hairstyle

Charming hair colors autumn 2018-2019
Highlighted-creamy blondes will be trendy this autumn! Make sure your colorist leaves about 1 inch of darker roots on the top of your head to allow for regrowth without too much abrupt demarcation over time.

  • Rainbow style-Charming hair colors autumn 2018-2019

The colors of the rainbow are still fabulous this season, but they must be in pastel colors. Whether pink, blue or purple that inspires you, you will be trendy for the arrival of the cold days with a fresh look!

  • Platinum-blonde medium-length hairstyle

In the platinum shades, make sure to opt for a silvery white tone because the gray is over! To add a little of brightness use a shampoo with purple hues as a cherry on a sunny day.

  • Popular golden wavy hairstyle

Warm golden tones are popular this autumn! 

Dark blond hair as well as bright brown hair will be very popular. 

Whether adding a little depth to your current blonde color or lightening your dark hair, your colorist will find a way to give your hair a touch of sunny love.

  • Shiny long hair-Charming hair colors autumn 2018-2019

The locks in golden tones that are related and coming from the color of honey will be all the rage in the coming weeks, especially around your face. 

If you already have blonde hair, let your natural hair emphasize your personality.

The redheads will have a place of honor in the hots trends of autumn.

With intense and lively tones, the coppery Venetian blond gives a natural and vibrant look at the same time.

As a bonus, it brings to those who have a porcelain complexion a little invigorating glow!

  • Charming caramel hairstyle

Charming hair colors autumn 2018-2019
The brunettes will also find their moment of glory during the autumn season by adding a touch of caramel on the tips. 

A rich, shiny and slightly lighter color than your natural hair, applied around your face and at the bottom of your hair,

will give you a classy and resplendent effect to welcome the good weather!

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