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Beautiful-charming curly haircuts fall winter 2018-2019

Beautiful-charming curly haircuts fall winter 2018-2019

The shortcut has many followers, the 70s, 80s, and 90s come back strongly in fashion. This cut consists of carrying many layers and to get the best effect is to give a few wicks to get light and movement. Beautiful-charming curly haircuts fall winter 2018-2019.

If you want to give a different touch you can opt for a wet effect with a little gel,

if you do not use better gel because it damages the hair a lot. In the next gallery you will find more photos and ideas for shag cutting.


Curly haircuts Fall Winter 2018 – 2019

We do not forget the girls with the curly hair, surely you are wondering what are the fashionable cuts for curly hair? Here you will find the answer.

The cuts are taken from very short to very long and voluminous.

Then we will see them in depth and we will divide them into short and medium and medium-long.

If what you like is a more aggressive style you can also wear a   punk cut when you ravish one side of your head.

Pixie short curly hairstyles

Having curly hair is not synonymous with a rebellious hair and difficult to comb.

As we have seen in other haircuts curly hair is fashionable and can be worn in many styles.

But if you are a more romantic and delicate woman

the best option is a medium curly bob cut in

order to you will have the right volume.

This style is one of the most attractive hairstyles in this season, don’t miss the cut.

In the gallery, you will see all the examples of short and medium curly hair.

  •  curly haircuts fall winter 2018-2019

curly haircuts fall winter 2018-2019

The length can be fixed depending on the cut we want to wear,

that is, the pixie cut favors much short and curly hair or a little longer and with natural waves.

curly haircuts fall winter 2018-2019


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