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New hairstyles? celebrities fashionable hairstyles 2018!

New hairstyles? celebrities fashionable hairstyles 2018!

Our main task this season is to emphasize our individuality and natural beauty. If we talk about hairdresser’s art, then the desired effect is achieved due to light, slightly careless laying, soft coloring and choice of natural shades of hair when staining. How about trying new hairstyles? celebrities fashionable hairstyles 2018!

The female image should be both bold, attractive, stylish and romantic. Especially popular are haircuts for short hair, which emphasize not the male character store, but the fragility and defenselessness of its owner. All these criteria are best matched by a haircut bean – ageless hit, from season to season conquering fashion podiums and our hearts. This is absolutely a universal option.

Bob in his various interpretations is suitable for women of any composition, appearance, and age. He looks great on the hair of all types: thin, lush, straight or curly, and therefore gives a wide scope for experiments. It is enough to look at the haircuts widely presented today and choose the right style for yourself.

Both short and long varieties are relevant. Among the latest fashion trends – a bob with a bang, allowing, if necessary, to adjust the face oval. Light waves are popular, which make the image both gentle and playful.


many celebrities, for example, Gwyneth Paltrow, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Aniston.

celebrities fashionable hairstyles 2018

celebrities fashionable hairstyles 2018

Short haircuts bob – 2018

Femininity first of all Techniques such as grading, texturing, torn edges and lengthening individual strands help to create completely different images based on one model of haircuts.

Today, a trendy bob on short hair is- Effective and stylish asymmetry, when strands on one side are cut much shorter than on the other.

A short-stacked with a long bang.

This is the best option for women who want to look younger or hide any lack of appearance.

Haircut looks good on both straight and curly hair.

Adding volume to the back of the neck and beautifully emphasizing the neck.

Multi-layered haircut on thin hair- which makes the hairstyle especially lush.

It is recommended with an oblong face and is used with caution when it is round.

Long haircut. Playful curls and the layers

With the Long Bob style, star idols have not left for several years already, among them Jessica Alba, Miranda Lambert, Anne Hathaway, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez.

When you decide to opt the blonde for the attractiveness

and the curls in front for those who love a romantic style.

celebrities fashionable hairstyles 2018

About the simplest method, we have already mentioned –

it’s an easy wave, which is designed for relatively long hair.

The hairdresser is suitable for walking with friends, and for an evening out.

In this season, the lengthened bob is made not only on straight but also on slightly curly hair.

A large wave, according to the stylists,

helps us to throw off a few years, makes the image in the girlish fervent and fresh.

celebrities fashionable hairstyles 2018

Layering is good with straight hair – it revitalizes the hair, makes it spectacular without additional layers.

When you are looking for the sexy look with simple and priceless things.

Just get the cut and add the fresh color you want and love, to complete the look.


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