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Trendy braids hairstyles-medium length hairstyles 2019!

Trendy braids hairstyles-medium length hairstyles 2019!

When it comes to stylish hairstyles for medium hair. The first hairstyle in your mind is the ponytail, Trendy braids hairstyles-medium length hairstyles 2019! They are all so different and original. Today, there are more than 20 different weaves, including “spikelet”, “French braid”, “return pipe”, “classic”, etc.

The ponytail can dramatically change the style of their owner, adding to the image of femininity, lightness, and airiness. Braids are suitable for both girls and adult women. They allow you to open your face to the maximum and emphasize its freshness and beauty.

How to choose your elegant look?

Popular braid patterns for girls and girls Spit for girls are performed in various techniques.

Today on the Internet you can find weaving lessons from eminent bloggers and hairdressers. The most popular option is the French braid. The popularity of such weaving is understandable. It is simple to use and suitable for everyday wear. If you look at the diagram, you can see that the braid weaving starts from the top of the head. Initially, three strands are taken.

The first stage is very similar to the weaving of a classic three-strand braid.

But at the second stage, you can notice the differences.

If the classic braid is woven from three strands, then the French is wobbling with grabs of new curls. It turns out a beautiful picture.

Watch and choose the best suitable for you.

Simple French braids

 Different-sided braids

 Big one braid& two braids

 Cute braids to medium hair
braids hairstyles-medium length hairstyles 2019
Beautiful-simple braids to girls

 long braided ponytail

 Stylish hairstyle with braids

 Braided crown with hair accessories

 Elegant braids for thick and thin hair

Different braided crown of hair

How to style your braided hair
braids hairstyles-medium length hairstyles 2019
 Thickly braided ponytail

More spicy to your braided hair

 Two braids to long hair

 Some braids to the loose ponytail

Two braids on the front

One-small braid ends with a high bun

 Long colored-braided ponytail

 Braids end with a high bun

 Ponytail and the braids

Long braided ponytail 

 One braided ponytail or crown of braids to your hair


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