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Attractive bob haircuts 2019 for stylish girls!

Attractive bob haircuts 2019 for stylish girls!

The best haircuts for 2019 according to the shape of your face

Find out what type of haircut you should wear if you have around, square, triangular, elongated or oval face and paint it with pride during 2019.

 bob haircuts 2019

The long bob is still the cut of the moment, as demonstrated by Emma Stone and many other celebrities who have signed up for him. It’s a length between long and short, so it’s a perfect solution if you want to cut your mane without risking too much. 

The long bob  By Dafne Fernández differs from that of Emma Stone by its central stripe and waves that in this case are located below the ears adding volume to the bottom of the face and making it more balanced and not look so rounded

The formula that Elle Fanning follows is similar to the one we have seen in other celebs with another type of face. However, the fact of wearing the middle and final area of the blunt hair has a visual effect that counteracts the rounded shape of his face.

Rounded faces feel especially good this type of fringes that what they do is give them more angularity.

A round face can allow a long, smooth and straight mane like that of Miranda Kerr. By wearing loose hair, you will ‘trim’ the sides of the face giving the face a finer look.

Ivana Baquero carries her waves right where Munn layers, from half to ends. Leaving the hair on top of the head smooth guarantees a certain balance that comes in handy to rounded faces.

Of course, if what we are looking for is a touch of actuality, we can lengthen the layers and add a frontal pattern that will blur the contours of the face and add some broken waves to the equation.


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