Best wedding braided hairstyles for every events!

Best wedding braided hairstyles for every event!

Wedding hairstyles for this Fall / Winter 2018-2019-Best wedding braided hairstyles. Quiet because we have the best hairstyles with braids for you to be the best-combed guest of the party. We have options so you can do it at home and other more complicated if you prefer to go to your hairdresser. All of them have braids as real protagonists and it is that they are so beautiful!

Hairstyles with braids for an elegant look for the wedding events-wedding braided hairstyles.

Do you want to wear a hairstyle with braids for your bun? You can try a very glamorous top bun. You start by braiding a ponytail and then it becomes a bun. If you put a thinner braid around you will get a different touch. In case you prefer low bun, you can try with root braids on the bangs or make a loose and place it on top. Another option is to start with a pair of boxer braids and turn them into two low bows.

Whether you are going to comb, or if you are going to the fur, we have all the ideas you need to succeed on this special day this season


Braided crown-soft hair

wedding braided hairstyles
When we are invited to a wedding we always have two doubts: what do I wear? And, how do I comb my hair? For the first doubt, you can click here because we have low-cost guest dresses for all tastes. But for the second, read on. One of our favorite options is this, the crown braid, first because you can do it yourself at home and second because it looks good with all kinds of looks. You just have to make two braids and cross over the head hiding the ends of one below the other.


Different braided ponytail

Best wedding braided hairstyles for every events! 1

The bubble ponytail is one of the most mod hairstyles, but if you want to give it a different touch start by picking the front strands in two braids and then make your bubble ponytail normally.


Small braided crown for loose hair

A hairstyle as subtle and discreet as this will let your loose hair shine in all its splendor. You just have to take a lock of hair from the back of one of your ears, braid it as you like, and secure it with a hairpin behind the other ear.

Glamorous braids-wedding braided hairstyles

Best wedding braided hairstyles for every events! 2

This hairstyle can be easily done at home.

It’s the same as the boxer braids, you know, with two German root braids.

Then the ends are opened and the braids are collected in two low bows.


Double braided crown-wedding braided hairstyles

We have already said how much we like crown braids and this also comes twice.

If you are very skillful with the braids you will not find it too complicated, although you need a fairly long mane. You only have to pick up the middle zone first behind leaving the fringe free.

Divide all the hair in two and make two Dutch braids on each side until you finish at the tips. Afterward, you just have to cross the two braids above the head.

Low bun with attractive braids

wedding braided hairstyles
Another option is to take a lock and braid it in the form of a spike

(instead of resorting to the root braid). Make the bow low and then surround it with your spiky braid.

Leave some strands to give a more casual touch.


Attractive crown with a long french braided ponytail

Best wedding braided hairstyles for every events! 3
Bringing braided hair in the style of fairy princesses is not too mysterious.

But if you want to give a more special touch to your hairstyle, start winding the side tufts to collect all the hair in a low ponytail.

Open the gap that is above the rubber, put the pigtail and then trénzala. Open the ends a little to give more volume and, if you want, place a headband or headdress.

We are crazy about the tang braids like this one.

If you have very long hair you can divide your hair and make three tang braids and then make a normal one with them.


Accessories and the braids for your hair

Best wedding braided hairstyles for every events! 4
There is not a single formula to create a hairstyle like this,

because all its charm lies in this aspect messy (disheveled) so cool and that both takes this Fall / Winter 2018-2019.

The key is to make different braids, spike, root, traditional and go interlacing them in the back of the head. To decorate it, you can add a chain.


High bun with a braided look

The tall bows are always glamorous and more when they have as much volume like this one.

It begins by picking up the hair in a ponytail, separating a lock and braid the rest.

Open the ends well so that it has the largest possible volume and roll it over itself. Secure with hairpins.

Now braid the strand you had left free and wrap it around the topknot.


Braided hair

Best wedding braided hairstyles for every events! 5This hairstyle is one of the easiest and easiest because it serves for any occasion

(including weddings, of course).

You just have to make a root braid on one side of the head and turn it into a low bun.


Wavy-bubble long ponytail-wedding braided hairstyles

The bubble ponytail is very fashionable, as we have already seen,

but we propose a version in tang braid. You just have to braid the sections with this technique.

You can do it directly or as here, with a loop to give more volume to the sides.


 Adding an accessory to braided hair

Best wedding braided hairstyles for every events! 6
We like this braided crown for its great originality.

You have to make a very loose tang braid on each side of the head

and join them on one side leaving all the remaining hair fall loose over the shoulder.

It will help you to have previously wavy hair.


Half crown for loose hair-wedding braided hairstyles

Carrying a semi-pick-up like this is a guarantee of success.

You just have to make two braids with the front strands and overlap them behind the head.

Rip the ends with the tongs to give more movement to the mane.


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