Best Shoulder Length Hair 2018 For Men’s

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Do you like shoulder length hair 2018, but are you tired of always wearing the same hairstyle? If you are a guy you always wear or loose hair or a ponytail that you do fast and running because the hair bothers you in the face, in this post we are going to give you a few ideas of hairstyles for men with long hair.


Surely it has happened to you that you are not sure if the long hair looks good or could be improved.


Maybe you’re not one of those who look a lot in the mirror and you take that quick queue to endure all day.

Let a style to the queue that leads Pablo Silesia, by the way, nothing flattering.

Well this has to end.


Give a change to your look easily and easily without cutting your hair. You’ll be fashionable, day and night and perfect for any occasion.


Ready to practice these new shoulder length hair 2018 ? Well, we started

Best Shoulder Length Hair 2018 For Men’s

Best Shoulder Length Hair 2018 For Men's 1


If you are one of those who think that women have thousands of options to choose from, and men do not, very attentive to all our tips of male hairstyles with long hair


or what we want in this post of hairstyles for men with long hair, is that you can choose between more options when it comes to combing like any girl.

Best Shoulder Length Hair 2018 For Men's 2


Are you thinking of a sophisticated bow as women wear?


It is not exactly that. We propose a more casual bun with a more casual look.


Pick up your hair in a high ponytail, but not too stretched, upside down, leave it rather loose and hollow in the top and front.

When you get to the last lap that you are going to give to the rubber band, do not remove all the hair, it will be like a small bun, pull some strands from the front.


And Voilá! you already have a new hairstyle. Modern and that will bring out all your attractiveness.





If you’re not one of those who likes bows, we suggest a similar resemblance.

The difference is that with the strands that you pick up from the front, you will make a braid in the back, from the simple ones, of those that you take three strands and you are putting one on top of the other.


Easy, simple and with a very chic result.

Best Shoulder Length Hair 2018 For Men's 3


If your hair is not excessively long, this look will be amazing. You will simply have to apply hair wax and throw everything back.


Try not to paste or crush too much by the top, the volume above is fashionable and above is much more flattering than all the hair attached to Mario Conde.


You will have a perfect look for great occasions.

Best Shoulder Length Hair 2018 For Men's 4


The braid is currently trend for men and women. That’s why we propose a root braid starting from above.

but if you’re not crafty enough, with a classic braid you’ll also be great.


It’s a pretty daring look. But if you’re looking for a more radical makeover, try this hairstyle, you’ll leave everyone speechless.

Best Shoulder Length Hair 2018 For Men's 5


If you like to wear your hair loose but you’re tired of always going the same way we suggest you a semi-picked with a small bow top.


Pick up two strands, one on each side of the head, and take them to the back and top, hold them with a rubber band of hair and in the last turn do not remove all the hair, so that there is a little bun.


If you wear long bangs, throw them to the side or if you prefer, pull out a finny strand at the front for a less formal look.


It will give you a more hipster roll.