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2019 Haircuts Outstanding, Best short bob haircuts

2019 Haircuts Outstanding, Best short bob haircuts

More often on the streets, you can see girls with unusual hairstyles with their short-long or thin or thick. This element of a haircut has migrated to the female fashion from the male. And there are a lot of variants of women’s haircuts with cuttings.2019 Haircuts Outstanding, Best short bob haircuts to every girl want to be in the top.

You are more fashionable with your unusual short hair

All not even list. Make beautiful patterns in the neck, at the temples and even in the bangs.

All the charm of this hairstyle for short hair is that, depending on the hair styling, you can open up for public viewing shaved places with a pattern or vice versa hide.

You can change the image depending on the mood and on the occasion.

Often, the place of cutting with a pattern is tinted in a darker color so that the pattern is more contrasting and better distinguished against the background of the total mass of hair.

Fashionable bangs for your attractive hair

Short hair with cute bangs

Blonde&red short bob haircuts

Messy short Bob with Bangs

Attractive and side view of classic haircut bob.

To somehow modify the traditional haircut bob of the hair on one side, make oblique asymmetric parting.

A few strands on the bang while you can slightly curl.

So the hair will look new.

Best short bob haircuts

Another bold trend of the season – very short haircuts in the manners in the style of the military.

Such a short haircut is a challenge imposed on female beauty.

This rebel style in all respects will certainly be to the liking of a few,

but there are also such girls who will easily catch the back of their heads

and it will be rather a tribute to fashion, but a state of mind.

Layered-stylish bob hair

New bangs-bob with undercut shapes

As for the coloring of the cutting hair.

It is better to choose options with beautiful color overflows, for example, coloring on the technique of balayage.

If you want experiments, then a bold and interesting solution will be to dye your hair in fashionable pink shades or blue in the style of very short pixie bob.

There is also a bright rainbow coloring in fashionable examplesBest short bob haircuts
 Beautiful bob hair and one side bangs

One-side bangs for colored hair
Best short bob haircuts

Long straight bangs


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