Best Pixie Cuts For Women’s 2018

Best Pixie Cuts For Women’s 2018_Pixie Cut Hair

Just for you! Take the Best Pixie Cuts according to the shape of your face

Let’s face it: you’ve been thinking about entering this trend for a while, although you’re not sure ‘if it would look good’. While there is this belief that the pixie is only for one type of face, we have discovered that with the right cut and accessories you can rock this look like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus (without twerking!) And Charlize Theron does it. Dare yourself!

With the head: learn to choose the perfect cut for you




Before you decide to launch with your stylist, it is important to remember that it is a medium-term commitment. Yes, the hair grows but keep in mind that you will spend between 12 and 18 months waiting. To know how you would look with this cut, we recommend you take a picture with your hair collected on a clear wall; Take a black down and go painting the image until you have the desired length. Some other tips that can work for you are:


  • Do not do it in an impulsive attack. Ok, you cut with your boy and feel the need to make radical changes in your life. How will you feel tomorrow when you wake up and look in the mirror?


  • Make the appointment during the week so that your stylist is not in a hurry. You must do it calmly and without pressure.


  • Do not come saying: I want a pixie or short hair. Be more specific about what you want and start cutting little by little. The communication is the key!


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Although he has transformed it in different ways, the Jennifer Lawrence cut is a style that we are dying to copy. This type of face is characterized by having a super wide forehead and a much smaller chin, so the bangs should be a must when it comes to cutting your hair. Do you want a sharper face? Ask for long layers on the crown to give them volume and thus have much more length on your face.




The purpose is to sharpen your face, so opt for a full volume cut on the crown and long layers, especially on the sides. If you leave long strands in front of your ears, you will highlight your eyes and you will pay attention to your cheeks. For a messy look, apply some wax at the tips, or, if you want something more classic, the polishing serums + one iron will be your best ally.

Best Pixie Cuts For Women’s 2018


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