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Best Messy Haircuts For Teens 2018

Best Messy Haircuts For Teens 2018

How to Create Messy Look ?

#-Blow-drying and running your fingers through hair without combing.
#-Upside down Blowdrying or Blowdrying in the opposite direction to the hair growth for added volume and layer enhancement.
#-Haphazard curling for some locks with a flat iron.
#-Applying texturizing / thickening spray or curl enhancing product all through the locks and squeezing them in your palms with optional light teasing at the roots to boost volume.
#A few final minutes  to fix the effect and a bit of hair spray as the last touch for the extra hold.

#- Short and Layered

Short messy hairstyles are lovely too. Many of today’s layered cuts are actually shaped to look messy – that’s how popular this laid back trend has become.

#- Formal Messy Hair

Formal Messy Hair While many messy styles are designed for casual wear, there are also some formal styles for women that will look gorgeous on your prom or Party .

#- Messy Side Pony

we still rock the side pony on a weekly basis. And like almost everything else from the ‘90s, it’s making a comeback in a totally chic way. Ease back into this hair routine by teasing your hair before you sweep it to the side.

This short and messy hairstyle is really versatile. It works with all kinds of hairstyles: you can rock this laidback look with either straight or curly hair. This messy haircut only needs Axe Messy Look: Matte Gel and a bit of personality for it to work to its full potential…..

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