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Korean Straight Hair 2020

Both the Korean straight hair 2020 Perm and Japanese straightening are chemical processes meant to permanently straighten and smooth hair. While both of those treatments are very fashionable today, not many of us know the difference – including the clients that receive them and therefore the stylists that apply them.
Korean Straight Hair 2020
Today, we at Richmond Hair Salon and Esthetics are here to guide you thru the similarities and differences between these two unique straightening techniques along side the pros and cons of every . Once you’ve read this useful guide, you’ll be ready to decide whether the Korean Magic Straight Perm or the japanese straightening treatment is true for you.also what proportion Korean Straight Hair 2020 perm cost?
Korean Straight Hair 2020
Unlike keratin and other similar smoothing treatments, the Korean Magic Straight Perm and Japanese straightening treatment work to permanently straighten your hair – not just make it sleeker and easier to style. this is often because both the Magic Straight Perm and therefore the Japanese straightening method use a process called thermal reconditioning.

A chemical solution is applied to the client’s hair, left to cure, rinsed out, blow dried and straightened until the results are satisfactory. The chemicals involved within the Magic Straight Perm and therefore the Japanese straightening treatment work to penetrate the hair and breakdown the proteins in order that your hair are often completely re-styled. this is often an extended process which will take up to eight hours – or an entire day at the salon – but the results are dramatic and can last until the hair grows out.

If your kinks and curls cause you to want to scream every morning once you style your hair, then you ought to consider either the Magic Straight Perm or a Japanese straightening treatment to form your hair beautiful, silky, and, of course, straight.

 The Benefits of the Korean Magic Straight Perm and Japanese Thermal Reconditioning

Besides getting perfectly straight hair without having to use a flat iron a day , there are another advantages to getting a Korean Magic Straightlong hair keratin treatment Perm or a Japanese straightening treatment. For starters, they’re both 100 per cent safe to use and can not cause your hair to fall out.

The Magic Straight Perm and therefore the Japanese chemical straightening method also use nourishing proteins and involve a deep conditioning mask to guard your hair and obtain obviate frizz in order that you’ve got perfectly sleek hair the instant the treatment is complete.
Korean Straight Hair 2020
While the high heat and chemicals may cause some damage to your hair, thermal reconditioning products are known to cover and heal previous damage and it’s far less harmful to your hair’s health than straightening with a flat iron a day . Overall, the japanese straightening treatment is taken into account to be simpler because stronger chemicals provide a straighter, flat look.

The Disadvantages of a Korean Magic Straight Perm and a Japanese Straightening Treatment

Although there are many benefits that accompany a Korean Magic Straight Perm and a Japanese straightening treatment, there also are many downsides to think about .

First of all, they’re both quite expensive. the typical Magic Straight Perm and Japanese thermal reconditioning treatment cost ranges anywhere from $200 to quite $1000. the japanese method is understood to be slightly more pricy due to the kinds of chemicals that are used and therefore the flatter appearance that it creates. you ought to always get the simplest treatment that you simply can afford.

Korean Straight Hair 2020

Make an inexpensive budget and find a chemical straightening treatment that works with it, but don’t just rush to the salon with the most cost effective price. If a salon’s rate for either the Magic Straight Perm or Japanese straightening seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Let’s not ditch the damages the Korean Magic Straight Perm and therefore the Japanese chemical straightening can cause. If you are doing not have a trained stylist applying the treatment, then the danger for damages is increased.

Harsh chemicals and high heat are nothing to fiddle with, so do your research and make certain to settle on a salon that has great ratings and is well-established in order that you’ll make sure that your Magic Straight Perm or Japanese straightening treatment will look great without ruining your hair.
Korean Straight Hair 2020
Speaking of chemicals, you ought to remember that both the Korean Magic Straight Perm and a Japanese thermal reconditioning treatment both contain chemicals which will not accept as true with you.

While these permanent hair straightening treatments don’t contain formaldehyde and other similar chemicals found in keratin smoothing treatments, they might produce other ingredients that would cause an allergy .

Make certain to inform your stylist of any existing allergies before receiving a Magic Straight Perm or Japanese straightening treatment and consider finding another relaxing or smoothing option without the utilization of harsh chemicals if you’re susceptible to sensitive skin and rashes.

While using chemicals on your hair could seem scary, they really are safe to use for the massive majority of the population and it’s only through chemicals that you simply can get the type of results that the Magic Straight Perm and Japanese straightening method offer.

Remember: Japanese thermal reconditioning is taken into account simpler due to the stronger chemicals that it often contains. Of course, many of us tend to think the japanese straightening treatment leaves your hair with none amount of volume which the Magic Straight Perm provides a more natural look.

As long as you’ve got an honest stylist who knows what they’re doing, however, you’ll find that volume isn’t lacking in either of those treatments.

As a final word of warning, the Korean Magic Straight Perm and Japanese straightening treatment aren’t meant for everybody . While most will have great results, others may find that the result is a smaller amount than satisfactory.

Those of African-Canadian descent may find that even the Magic Straight Perm and Japanese thermal reconditioning cannot tame their kinks and volume. That’s why it’s important to line up a consultation with knowledgeable salon before receiving the treatment.

A stylist are going to be ready to recommend the simplest treatment for your hair type and whether or not either of those methods will work for you.

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