Best Korean Short Hair Trends in 2020 For Fashion

Korean Short Hair Trends in 2020

Korean Short Hair Trends in 2020 For Fashion

Korean Short Hair Trends in 2020 Do away with the sleek and straight coiffures for this choppy bob! Although there’s no denying how chic the sleek bob looks, the choppy bob is that the adorable and fun counterpart of the sleek bob for those looking to feature some personality to their hair! For this look, request to subtly layer your hair to reinforce the hair’s texture!

If you would like to amp up the quantity and definition to your choppy bob hairstyle, reach out for a texturising styling spray to try to to the job! We recommend the OUAI Texturising Hairspray to lock in those voluminous locks. We love that it’s full of volcanic minerals, so you’ll say goodbye to oily hair!

Shag Korean Haircut 

Korean Short Hair Trends in 2020 For Fashion

The shag hairstyle is making its comeback this 2020! Set to be one among the most well liked hair trends of the year, the shag haircut features messy and textured curls for hair that screams grunge everywhere . For this look, you’ll prefer to part your hair to the side or choose tousled bangs like BLACKPINK’s Lisa! the simplest part about this hairstyle is that it works on almost every hair texture because of its versatility. So anyone can get in on this coveted trend!

If you would like some extra volume to your hair, you’ll always use an honest ol’ texturising wax. The Giovanni Wicked Texture The Definition of Pomade is our go-to pick for a texturising wax! aside from its volumising powers, reviewers love this wax because it doesn’t leave the scalp with a greasy finish!

Sleek Bob Korean Hair 2020

Korean Short Hair Trends in 2020 For Fashion

Another variation of the blunt bob hairstyle, the straight bob is for those that are able to add an additional edge to their hair. Here, Brown Eyed Girl’s Son Ga In are often seen sporting a tapered short bob that meets right at the nape of her neck. With its blunt edges, this short hairstyle isn’t faraway from being the definition of sleek and clean! Plus, this hairstyle works wonders in framing heart-shaped faced sisters because it balances out both the chin and cheeks!

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