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Best How To Take Care Of Natural Hair 2020 For Hairstyles


How To Take Care Of Natural Hair 2020 when detangling hair

 How To Take Care Of Natural Hair 2020 For Hairstyles

How To Take Care Of Natural Hair 2020 Hands up – who loves detangling natural hair? If your hand isn’t up, we understand: detangling natural hair isn’t easy. Any naturalist will tell you it’s a time-consuming process they struggle with. However, it’s an important part of natural hair care, and if it’s done the proper way, it can make the method much easier.
So, so as to form it easier for naturalists and people still transitioning, we’ve created a fail-safe guide which will school you within the art of detangling natural hair safely (ain’t nobody got time for breakage, honey!). So here are the dos and don’ts of detangling hair that each natural hair queen should live by.

Don’t detangle without a detangling product

 How To Take Care Of Natural Hair 2020 For Hairstyles

A good detangler is one that provides your hair “slip”. this is often when it’s easy to slip a brush or your fingers through your hair, with no friction or resistance by the hair. And naturalists

To ensure you are using the right tools

 How To Take Care Of Natural Hair 2020 For Hairstyles

Tools play an enormous part in detangling natural hair, so it’s important to settle on the proper ones. What tools are you able to use, you ask? Well, Your fingers, a nylon brush, or a wide-tooth comb is all you actually need. to offer you a thought of how each tool works, inspect the advantages we’ve outlined, below.

Although there isn’t technically a tool, your fingers are effective in untangling knots in ways in which other tools can’t. Gently pulling apart the tangled strands will work to incur far less damage than simply combing through the knot over and once again this is often particularly useful (and recommended) when dry detangling.

Nylon bristle brush:
Since natural hair is tight and thick, the strands tend to be more fine and susceptible to breakage. A nylon brush (with a rubber base) helps minimize static and permit safe and delicate penetration. This tool is great for detangling natural hair while it’s damp.

Wide-tooth comb:
A sturdy wide-tooth comb is both the simplest and least time-consuming for loosening stubborn knots, also as your best defense against them in the first place. This tool works well on both damp and dry hair.

Do have patience

 How To Take Care Of Natural Hair 2020 For Hairstyles

The key to detangling natural hair? Patience! If you’re during a rush you’ll find yourself missing strands and cause more damage than good. So pick one or two days every week to dedicate to your hair and take some time and straightforward.
To maintain your tangle-free strands, avoid touching your coils, and confirm to sleep on top of a silk or satin pillowcase or together with your hair during a satin bonnet.

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