Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019&short-medium-length hairstyles

Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019&short-medium-length hairstyles

Girls with short hair are confident that beautiful and original hairstyles are a lot of long-haired beasts. Today we will dispel this myth and prove that a romantic and bright image can be made for a short haircut. Stylish-Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019, haircuts, and styling for short hair, which every girl can easily do.

Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019
The most common female haircut for short hair at all times is a short bob with different cuts.

It is this year that the trend for the undying classics is gaining momentum.

The modern, easy-to-use, universal hairdo is suitable for curly and straight hair,

as well as for all shades, from ashy and golden to crimson and black ink.

  • Delighted short-blonde bob hairstyles


Another variation of a light hairstyle for short hair. This very short haircut I think it is the boy cut- that hairstyle, on which one should decide to cut her hair. With this transformation, you will be able to stretch out your face, emphasize your cheekbones and bring into your everyday image such a light French sexuality.

Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019&short-medium-length hairstyles 1

  • Medium-length hairstyles

If you like a short length and medium-length hairstyles,

often go out to social events, it’s worth choosing a square.

Such a haircut easily turns into a magical evening hairstyle and is simple in daily styling.

There are many variations of all the favorite square:

  • Straight medium-length bob haircut

Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019

It is very easy and elegant, just keep your smooth hair straight and do the cut.

  • Cool-classy short bob with bangs

Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019&short-medium-length hairstyles 2

A variation of the classical, with the unprincipled difference

that the length of the hair should be such that it can only be removed by the ear.

Especially this kind of hairstyle will suit very smooth and magnificent hair.

  • Classic bob cut

If you are more classic and oriented this hairstyle just above the shoulder.

This haircut is best for curly and wavy types of hair,

although there remains a preference for celebrities with straight natural hair.

  • Bob haircuts with bangs-Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019

Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019&short-medium-length hairstyles 3
Trend this fashion season – square with a bang.

And completely different look, straight or shortened bangs you prefer.

  • Attractive short bob-Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019

This kind of hairstyle, despite all its style, comes out of fashion.

Take a shortened square, shave or short cut the bottom layer on the back of the head – and the effect is beautiful and dreamy.

  • Original bob hairstyles-Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019

Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019&short-medium-length hairstyles 4

Well, the last option for the kara for amateurs is more original – asymmetry.

This hairstyle is an abrupt or smooth change of hair length.

Modern Retro Hairstyles-Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019

The end of the 20th century –

a time when girls with short hair began to go into fashion,

shine on the screen and hit men with their eroticism.

That’s why light waves, puffs, and curls in retro style especially go to short-haired girls.

Stars of modern show business this year consider it their duty to appear on the red carpet with short hair and just such stylings.

  • Classic-cool straight bob-Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019

When a girl decides to opt stylish and crazy haircut

that will make your image memorable and fit both in a secular party and an important business meeting.

    • Elegant ponytail hairstyle-Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019

Another hairstyle deserves special attention.

We are used to the strict high ponytail, the romantic tail underneath and even the tail-knot,

but we have no idea how to assemble an elegant tail with short hair.

Of course, you can use false hair and a hairpiece, but the picture will not be so original.

We suggest that we look at our tail ideas for short hair.

Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019&short-medium-length hairstyles 5

Light curls and cheerful curls will add as a penalty, and a shorter haircut, mystery and high spirits.

You can use a curling iron for such a styling,

but stylists and fashionable hairdressers recommend short hair to twist on the iron, which creates more volume and is easier to use.

To get your hair done right, start twisting the hair from the back of the head, first lifting the rest up.

Be sure to fix the hairstyle with varnish.

A hairstyle that does not require much effort, but looks so elegant that it flaunts on the covers of all fashion magazines.

The creative mess on your head is as simple as creating it on your desktop.

The hair dryer and curling iron will help you in this.

Hair should be dried by a hair dryer, preferably using mousse.

Screw a few strands, and romance them ruffle.

  • Romantic haircut-Best bob hairstyle 2018-2019

Best bob hairstyles 2018-2019&short-medium-length hairstyles 6
The hairstyle of the Greek girls is especially suited to the owners of short haircuts.

The technology of this romantic miracle is quite simple: –

we put on an elastic band, a rim or a bandage – starting from the temples, twisting the strands upwards and filling it into our bezel, – we fix all the strands in this way, – fix the hair with a varnish.

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