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Best 10 Medium Bob Hairstyles 2018 For Women’s

Best 10 Medium Bob Hairstyles 2018 For Women’s

Medium bob hairstyles square measure classic and stylish. they will look terribly totally different looking on your cut and therefore the means of styling.

Wavy and straight, shaggy and sleek, asymmetrical and symmetrical bobs give you the trendy look, diversity, and convenience you wish for a hairstyle.

Check our gallery of fifty mid-length bobs and choose the foremost appealing versions to try!

Medium Bob Hairstyles

You’ll see several mussy, natural-looking bobs in our choice, however, there also are a handful of straight, polished varieties on our list, as a result of they’re classics.

The bob hairstyles square measure perpetually sleek.

trendy and straightforward, and may be worn by ladies at any age.

however, their square measure numerous choices.


Best 10 Medium Bob Hairstyles 2018:  Bob Haircuts 2018-2019


The medium length bob with bangs is simpler to manage and may impact the simplest casual look.

bedded bob hairstyles square measure appropriate for straight, wavy and nappy hair.

and excellent for spherical and angular faces.

angulate Bob cut straight at the rear and titled in angular layers at the front is a perfect one for spherical faces.

Asymmetrical medium length bob cuts somewhat longer at one facet and shorter at the opposite.

good among the new bob hairstyles.

a way to opt for one that is good for you? Let’s have a glance at some medium length bob hairstyles.


Here in our gallery of medium bob hairstyles, you will see several trending bobs.

simply choose the foremost appealing one and provides it an attempt.

Textured Wavy Mid-Length Cut

This wonderful bob consists of cute flicks that square measure with competence cut, frowzled and elegantly toned.

An unsmooth wavy bob with neck length and angulate front items offers a universally becoming form with a wonderful wash-and-wear quality.


Medium bob hairstyles square measure beyond question the only most wanted haircuts.

This statement cut offers a universally becoming form with a wonderful wash-and-wear quality.

Its roots will be copied all the means back to Cleopatra.


London’s Eugene Luther Vidal Sassoon refined the bob silhouette and achieved international quality and infamy for its robust stress on clean, geometric lines.


His crafting of painting haircuts worn by metropolis Kwan, Mary Quant, Grace Coddington, Peggy Moffitt, Diana Ross and twiglike still influence up to date versions.