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Hairstyle Haircut Spring 2020 Hair Trend: Messy Hair

Hairstyle Haircut For Fashion


The big, studded, padded headbands of 2019 are taking a momentary leave of absence to form room for 2020’s hair trend of silky, smooth accessories set across loose updos.

TRY THE HAIR TREND: I mean, you actually can’t fail with this one. Slide a stretchy satin headband over your head, letting it lollygag around your neck. Rake your hairstyle into a messy low bun, pull out a couple of face-framing layers, then slide your headband up and over your hairline.

Hairstyle  Trend: Braided Tendrils for 2020

Hairstyle Haircut For FashionIf you cannot quite see yourself trying the 2 loner braids this spring, tiptoe into the Hairstyle Haircut trend with two skinny braids hidden among the remainder of your hair.

Kinda sort of a peek-a-boo surprise.
TRY THE HAIR TREND: a touch texture are going to be your friend here, so blast your roots with texturizing spray, add some beach-y waves, then braid two skinny sections of hair, stopping a couple of inches before the ends.

Spring 2020 Hair Trend: Bright Shades

Hairstyle Haircut For FashionUhhh, I’m sorry, but can we all dye our hair denim-blue now?! (Answer: yes).

This spring, be prepared to ascertain just about all of your favorite influencers and ~fashun~ people fooling around with bright hues in their hair.
TRY THE HAIR TREND: Obviously, the simplest thanks to completely transform your hairstyle color is at the salon, but if you do not want the tough dye job, try a semi-permanent blue tint, like Overtone’s Extreme Blue color system. PSA: I’ve used it, and it’s hella easy.

Hairstyle Trend: Bright Shades

Hairstyle Haircut For Fashion

Rose-pink hairstyle had a serious resurgence in 2019, so trying it in 2020 as your new spring hair trend won’t be quite as scary to your Very Concerned Mom.
TRY THE HAIR TREND: Again, a salon is your BFF here, but if you’ve blonde hair, you’ll cop the design reception with Punky Colour Semi-Permanent Hair color spun sugar . Messy fishtail braids optional, but highly encouraged.

 Haircut Trend : Pearls 2020

Hairstyle Haircut For FashionBe honest: have you ever ever seen pearls look so damn…cool?! Far faraway from your grandma’s necklaces, the pearls at Andrew Gn were fastened to crisp cornrows and sleek topknots, giving them a definitively modern, Insta-worthy vibe for spring 2020.

TRY THE HAIR TREND: Twist pearl spin pins (remember those?) through your own braids or buns, or slide a pearl-encrusted clip through one side of your hairstyle.

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