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Beautiful braided hairstyles 2018-2019, for a dreamy look!

Beautiful braided hairstyles 2018-2019, for a dreamy look!

You can look stylish and fashionable every day. For this, it isn’t necessary to buy expensive things, because the image is built from small things. For example, by making a beautiful hairstyle, properly selected for clothing, you can easily transform: become more feminine and romantic or vice versa bold and defiant. In this article, you can find photos of original and fashionable now hairstyle of -Beautiful braided hairstyles 2018-2019, for a dreamy look!

Beautiful hairstyles: Simple hairstyles for girls

Owners of long hair will be able to try many options. The simplest, but quite interesting.

The technique of weaving such a stylish bride is very easy to maintain. On average, it takes 15 minutes to create a hairstyle. The advantage of this hairstyle for long hair is that it is universal. It suits both young stylish girls and a solid business lady.

“Dragon” is a favorite version of the hairdresser of show business stars: Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Beyonce. Ponytail hairstyles can easily be upgraded with accessories. A hairstyle can have a different type of arrangement. It looks great on the side, at an angle, vertically or in a semicircle.

Beautiful braided hairstyles 2018-2019
Small braids for dreamy look – Beautiful braided hairstyles 2018-2019

Beautiful and light hairstyles in this style are small braids.

A bright representative of this option is the talented Kristina Stewart. For this, you need to braid two pigtails “spikelets” on the side and fix them under the hair.

One-sided braids for long  hairstyles

Beautiful and light hairstyles with braids for long hair,

Incredibly fashionable style this season.

The basis of this hairstyle is a low tail and flowing curls.

You can make this haircut in just 5 minutes.

As decoration, ribbons of any colors, rims with flowers can be used. Such a hairstyle can be performed not only on long but also on medium hair.

Curly braided hairstyle-Beautiful braided hairstyles 2018-2019

This season will be more relevant than deliberate negligence in hairstyles.

Owners of creative haircuts “pixies” can try different options. It is especially interesting to see such a haircut in a duet with a large lock.

How to make such an easy hairstyle for short hair with your own hands? Yes, it’s very simple! To do this, the hair is pre-treated with mousse, then the curl is made with a large curl in the left or right side. The received “wave” needs to be fixed with a varnish. The bright and shocking hairstyle is ready.


Beautiful braided hairstyles 2018-2019

Beautiful and light hairstyles for a haircut of a pixie with a curly bang
Beautiful and light textured hairstyles for a pixie haircut with light curls

Braided bangs for short hair-Beautiful braided hairstyles 2018-2019

Many interesting variations of light and fast hairstyles can be done on a “haircut”.

Especially popular is the weaving.

This hairstyle has both aesthetic and practical value. The French braid can be an excellent hairstyle option for every day.
Beautiful and light hairstyles with a braid

Wavy short hairstyles-voluminous

To opt this curls to wind on curlers large diameter. Then the hair is dried with a hairdryer.

After the curlers are removed, the hair needs to be combed with a comb with sparse teeth.

To fix a hairdresser with the help of a varnish of an average fixation.
Beautiful and light hairstyles for a haircut with a bob with curls
Simple and light hairstyles for a haircut with a bob with curls

Elegant and light hairstyles-Beautiful braided hairstyles 2018-2019

Quick hairstyles are an excellent way out of everyday situations.

Performed easily, but the result is always happy.

You are sure to find interesting options for quick and easy hairstyles that will help you stay charming regardless of the situation and the situation.

Beautiful and light hairstyles for medium hairBeautiful braided hairstyles 2018-2019
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