Bangs Cut Hairstyles For Oval Face Women’s 2018

Bangs Cut Hairstyles For Oval Face Women’s 2018

In the hairdresser’s beauty industry, the bangs are not just one of the elements of the overall haircut silhouette, it is a great opportunity to transform your appearance in a new light, to bring to the fore the dignity of the exterior, to cover up the flaws and simply to become more attractive and interesting to others.

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Golden rules for an unmistakable choice of bangs 2018

The richest variability of the existing form of bangs will always help correctly navigate with a style suitable for a particular type of appearance. 

This choice can be based on two main criteria – the characteristics of the female appearance (the shape of the face, proportionality, features).

as well as the type of hair given by nature. It is these criteria that will help you figure out who the bangs are?

Bangs For Square Face

For the face of a square form, the appropriate option will be the types of bangs, which are able to maximally bring the face to the idea of the oval and soften the angular contours. 

After all, the face in the form of a square is characterized by approximately the same width of the chin, forehead, and cheekbones. 

Immensely to cope with this task will be a long bang obliquely, asymmetric variations with the bracing, extra bulk and wavy ringlets. 

An additional method of leveling out the angularity of the exterior is the skillful play of the stylist on color contrasts or smooth tonal transitions by means of melioration or coloring of the hair forming the bangs.

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Bangs cut For a triangular face

For a triangular face, the bang has the task of making all lines more proportional due to a visual effect that can hide the difference in a wider forehead line than a narrow chin. 

In this case, the perfect bangs will be a bang with a straight horizontal cut, along with oblique to the chin line, a bang-transformer or lighter torn.

 The main thing in decorating a bang is to make it average density without any sharp corners of the cut. 

From short bangs, it is necessary to refuse after all the main feature of such length is an accent on the area of cheekbones that is unacceptable for a triangular face.

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2018 bang haircut For a face of a rhomboid shape

For a face of a rhomboid shape, the bangs should become a tool that visually expands the chin and forehead line to ensure optimal proportionality and softness of all lines.

 It should be a lush, voluminous bang that can find continuation in the lateral lines of the cut.

this technique gives the effect of extending the forehead line. 

The style of the bangs can be cut with a slanting character and completely straight as for length here the length to the chin is permissible.

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For the face of a heart-shaped shape and haircuts of medium and maximum length.

the slanting of the bangs to the middle of the cheekbones is optimal.

In addition to short haircuts, bangs can be made in torn technique.

The main taboos for such a form of person are straight slices that expand the area of the cheekbones

For the face of an oval shape, the bangs can be very diverse, as this is the most universal and ideally correct geometric figure for any haircuts.

 The style of the bangs can be limited solely to the imagination and experience of your stylist .

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Bangs For Round Face

For a round face, the bang should be an element that visually draws the face and brings it closer to the shape of the oval.

 Harmony and attractiveness of such appearance are guaranteed by bangs with a bold asymmetry of style, oblique and graduated.

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Haircuts made on straight hair will look attractive with almost any bangs – both with a straight, classical shape and with figured geometric lines. 

For curling locks, bangs are better to grow to an elongated one, on which you can perform an easy graduation.

 Wayward and disobedient curls cannot be complemented with cheeks at all, or you can straighten this hair element with irons or special means.