ATTRACTIVE COLORS 2019…Are you looking for a change of look

but do not dare with the scissors?

Try one of the shades that will animate your hair this spring



One of the most viral trends of this season is to choose to mitigate the most aggressive effect of a single color dye, especially in the case of dark tones, with reflections . 

“Soften the hardness of a solid brown tone with some subtle highlights.

It’s a great way to update your color for spring, “says Tauni Dawson,

a 901 Salon colorist in Los Angeles,

who also highlights that special ability that brighter colors such as bronze and gold have to highlight skin tone in the warm season.

A Dawson roommate, Anthony Holguin,

explains that you can also opt for different versions of a look with reflections, giving concrete examples:

“Whether it is a subtle final touch to the look by way of framing to illuminate the front or some balayage wicks to illuminate the extremes,

“he explains as current options.

If you still don’t know for sure and want to be inspired by some famous face, look at Dakota Johnson .

A timeless classic that never fails your date at some time of the year is the brown in all its varieties , and this year

, although it seems a contradiction, appears strongly to accompany the heat of the months that are about to arrive in chocolate tone . 

If you were one of those who considered this tone suitable only for winter, just look at how Cate Blanchett  feels to  realize that beauty and subtlety is not at odds with any kind of weather. 

Mandy Moore and Emilia Clarke have already done so and have not been able to resist following in the footsteps of the protagonist of Blue Jasmine

“These looks are perfect for women who don’t want to damage their hair because it can be done with a bright color,” says Linda De Zeeuw,

the principal stylist at Rob Peetoom New York. Still, according to her,

it is always better to protect brown hair from discoloration with a moisturizing UV protection treatment such as Davines Minu hair serum.

The platinum blonde that was the sensation of last summer gives way this season

to warmer and moderate tones, which may also have them within the range of blondes ,

as is the case of the ‘nude blonde’, exactly the tone that Sophie Turner looks , the great Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones .

 “The nude blonde has to do with finding the perfect balance between

warm and cold tones to help improve most skin tones,” says Morgan Parks, a 901 Salon colorist,

so he advocates giving prominence to “the warmer tones and natural brightness “this spring-summer.