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Amazing Wedding Hairstyle For Romantic Women’s 2018

Wedding Hairstyle For Romantic Women’s

Wedding hairstyle for short hair
On the day of the wedding, each girl wants to look stylish, beautiful and charming. Let’s move away from stereotypes that supposedly a festive wedding hairstyle must necessarily be high and complex, and hair – long. A bride with a short haircut can look very romantic and feminine. For short wedding hairstyles, there are many stylish styles.

Short female haircuts do not go out of fashion, they are practical and many to face, on the wedding day the real master even from short hair can make a refined, beautiful and elegant Wedding hairstyle that will perfectly complement your image. Among the advantages of such a hairstyle is worth mentioning the maximum durability and comfort – there is minimal risk that after going out on the street your laying will deteriorate.







Wedding Hairstyle For Romantic Women’s 2018


Styles of wedding hairstyle for short hair

With this style, we associate unchanging elegance and femininity. Therefore, it is not surprising that many brides prefer hairstyles in this style. The girl becomes similar to the legendary film star of the last century, mysterious and at the same time very charming.

Wedding hairstyle Choose 2018

To choose a Wedding hairstyle that will really suit you, it is worthwhile to consult the hairdresser beforehand. If you have brittle or unhealthy hair – start their treatment and recovery in advance, on the eve of the wedding do not experiment with the paints, because if the result is unsatisfactory, you may simply not have time to fix it. The hairstyle is selected, considering all the details: the color of the wedding dress, accessories, hair structure, type of face and figure.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair in retro style

A short square, which is still in vogue, will become an excellent basis for such a hairstyle. You can comb the hair back and twist it with artificial curls and locks, make a “cold wave”, as was customary at the time of Chicago’s gangster, lay hair with a shell or make a “Babette” hairstyle. An addition to the composition can be a veil, a hat, a flower of feathers or a bright silky handkerchief. It is an ideal choice if the bride’s outfit is made in retro style or your celebration will be thematic. As for the accessories, there should be few, but the earrings can be catchy and massive. They visually lengthen the face and give the image of the bride a special charm.

Wedding hairstyle for short hair in the classic style

These wedding hairstyles are suitable for almost all outfits. Hair can be slightly curled or laid with a light wave, make flagella and collect them on the vertex or surprise the guests with skillful weaving.


Wedding hairstyle for short hair in the style of romanticism

This style is very elegant, and it does not require much effort from you. Hair fits into a short, but voluminous hairdo. The ends of the strands are treated with wax so that they slightly protrude in different directions. Such a hairstyle makes the image of the bride very sweet and at the same time festive. To make the look more expressive, the bangs can be laid to one side.