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+5 Photos Of Short Bob Haircut Trend 2020

Burgundy Bob with Orangey Highlights

photos of Short bob haircut have been popular in some form for decades, but the modern bobs are truly unique in their versatility and edgier style. Incorporating color, shape and dimension, short bobs can be worn by any woman looking to try something new. short Bob haircut for ladies allow us to experiment with colors and textures, while our hair is brief , but not awkward-short; it’s trendy and nice-looking! Pair burgundy and caramel, golden blonde and silver, or whatever striking combination involves your mind; with shorter hair it’s much easier to tug off bolder colors and therefore the potential damage isn’t so significant.

Short Blonde Bob Blowout

Burgundy Bob with Orangey Highlights


A bob blowout can do wonders for ladies with fine hair that tends to lie flat. Wispy, feathered bangs and a rounded shape also add volume and depth. the just about white highlights give the hairstyle a summery, windblown appearance. The tapered ends dip underneath the chin slimming down the face and showing off the long neck.

Rounded Brunette Bob with Voluminous Layers

Burgundy Bob with Orangey Highlights

Bobs are fabulous for ladies of all ages because they provide off an aesthetic yet youthful aesthetic. Particularly striking in deeper, dark colors, you’ll never fail with a uni-length solid colored hairdo. Layers help to lift up roots and add plenty of volume.

Short Beachy Angled Bob

Burgundy Bob with Orangey Highlights

This platinum blonde mane with dark roots is smoothly styled with soft beach waves transforming an off-the-cuff angled

into an absolute creation of sexy summer glamour. it’s so alluring, it’s almost like she was born with it. Almost.

Piece-y Rose Gold Bob

Burgundy Bob with Orangey Highlights

The best thanks to boast the metallic rose-gold bob is to chop it into short choppy layers throughout. the additional height within the crown and therefore the evenly layered ends add a female touch. The piece-y, textured locks and therefore the tapered shape help to finish the elegant silhouette of this unique hairstyle.

Inverted Gray Balayage Bob with Overlapping Layers

Burgundy Bob with Orangey Highlights

When you are seeking a chic and classy bob, look no further than an inverted style with overlapping layers. With an undercut for the nape section you’ll make the angle even more extreme. the grey and bright silver-toned balayage adds an additional flair that keeps the haircut modern and youthful.

Girly Wavy Chocolate and Blonde Bob

If you’re going for a two-tone ‘do, chocolate and blonde make a sweet pair. Loose waves are very rewarding for dimensional coloring. To amp up the drama factor, part your move one side.

Line Sleek Bob

The colorombre trend is perfect for those that are longing to feature a cool shade to their short bob hairstyles. Those tiffany blue streaks on the smoothed gray bob scream chic and add dimension to the design .

Inverted Wind-Swept Bob

A simple thanks to boost the appeal of a chic hairdo is to feature a non-standard color thereto . This chin-length bob hairdo embraces plenty of daring silver-grey accents that give off an enthralling and mesmerizing vibe.  Perhaps you’ve got sported long hair your entire life and you’re ready for a dramatic change. or even you’ve maintained short hair for years and just want more of a relevant style. Whatever your reason, bob haircuts are ideal for warm summer weather also as year-round. Easy to take care of and still brimming with fashion-forward beauty, a brief bob easily becomes regular in lives of girls who are busy yet still want to seem their best.


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