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Game Of Thrones 7 Hairstyles For Heroes Hairstyles

Game Of Thrones 7 Hairstyles For Heroes

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‘Dragonstone’ brought winter to an incredible 16 million US viewers on July 16. HBO’s seventh season premiere doubled the show’s previous ratings across all platforms from the season six opener in the spring of 2016.

When only TV viewers are taken into account, Entertainment Weekly reports that the 10.1 million who turned into HBO for ‘Dragonstone’ on Sunday was also significantly higher than the 8.9 million who tuned in to the show’s previous most-watched episode ‘The Winds of Winter’ in June 2016.

However, if you were one of the chancers who watched the premiere the naughty way, well, you have A LOT of company. To the surprise of precisely no-one, the episode ‘Dragonstone’ is currently the most torrented show of the year so far.

As tracker Torrent Freak reports, over 130,000 people were actively sharing the episode through torrents across the web as of yesterday (July 17).

One outlet also revealed that the episode was generating up to 20,000 views per hour on its own site.

Game Of Thrones 7
Game Of Thrones 7