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2019 Short bob haircut-bangs is the best nowadays

2019 Short bob haircut-bangs is the best nowadays!

2019 Short bob haircut…Bob with bangs is one of the cuts with the most feminine and chic bangs or strands. It is proposed to cut medium hair in a contemporary version with square geometries. The style is strongly structured and enriched by a wavy effect.

Every girl forward to be the best,

in my opinion, the short bob is the best for you

Another variant proposes the short shake in full retro style with a full and straight fringe.

However, there are also modern references to the 70s with a camouflaged stripe that provides dynamism.

An Asian inspiration connotes the touch of blue-green color with a pop air.

Finally, the Anglo-Saxon Bob is revisited, maintaining its vintage characteristics.

The volume of the cut is enhanced by the wide and slightly rounded fringe.

2019 Short bob haircut

2019 Short bob haircut

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