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2019 Open Bangs For Women: Elegant Ways To Wear It!

2019 Open Bangs For Women: Elegant Ways To Wear It!

2019 Open Bangs For Women: A THOUSAND WAYS TO WEAR IT

This fall-winter will bring back the open fringes and these are some key ideas to ask the hairdresser

Open tousled bangs

If you are lucky enough to have a fairly manageable hair do not hesitate, join the trend of the open bangs that are going to wear this fall winter and wear it disheveled as Jessica Biel.

Open bangs, a thousand ways to wear it

Although Macarena García has changed her look now,

we have always seen her wear an ideal open bang that allowed her to wear a pigtail without worrying too much about how she would look.

The actress usually leaves two longer strands over her ears and achieves a soft effect that we love.

2019 Open Bangs

Bangs open like Anna Castillo

The actress and companion in the call of Macarena García,

Anna Castillo is faithful to the open fringe and takes it in a thousand ways.

If you dare with this fashionable haircut, make an Italian bow when you have to go more groomed and wear it like her.

Bangs open (almost straight) like Maria Bernard

If you’re going to take the trend seriously and you’re going to dare with a thicker fringe, you can follow Bernard’s example and wear his hair daily with a semi-pulled one like hers.

2019 Open Bangs

Romee Strijd with bangs open very wild

In the line of Alexa Chung with long open bangs, we find the model Romee Strijd, which combines it with XL hair.

Alba Galocha with open bangs and natural wave

If your hair has a natural wave like that of Galocha, dare with the bangs open and do not pass the plates! Let it air dry and get this effect

Adriana Ugarte with a straight fringe similar to Bernard’s

Ugarte bets for a dense fringe and usually wears the hair collected in important events. Join the trend like her

Victoria Beckham discreet bangs

An incipient and very discreet open bang is the one that Victoria Beckham bets on,

which usually has a low bow with which she is always perfect