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The thousand and one layers of Emily Ratajkowski 2019 NEW HAIRCUTS

Emily Ratajkowski is pure femininity and her haircut could not be less. The model already boasts a long and very weathered mane combed with the stripe in the middle, a haircut that we will see in 2019 because, in addition to flattering, it is very easy to maintain.


The tupé of Ana María Polyvore

The actress of Pieles who was made a little over a month ago a radical change andsaid goodbye to her long bob to opt for a haircut to garçon similar to Paz Vega but with a toupee. And we are sure that the haircut of Ana María Polvorosawill sweeps in 2019.

The long bob with volume by Bella Hadid

The trends that reigned in the 90s come back into fashion.

When Mosquito went to the catwalk his collection for H & M in November it seemed that we had gone back in time. Bella Hadid’s haircut, a long mane with lots of volume and curls,

was like the one worn by the tops of the 90s. It’s true that it’s a haircut that throws you years on, but the result is sophisticated.

The open bangs of Blanca Suárez

If there is someone who knows about beauty trends in Spain, that is Blanca Suarez.

And it’s not that she’s ahead of the trend, it’s that she creates them. 

Her makeup, her manicure, and her hair are a reference, whether she risks it or not, as she did a few months ago when she wore a long, striped mane with open bangs. 

XXL hair and bangs curtain, the hair cut by Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello was one of the first celebrities to cut her fringe that would end up devastating Instagram and Pinterest. Her very dense curtain fringe, accompanied by a very long mane with long layers, will continue to triumph among the 2019 haircuts.

The mane of Jane Birkin in millennial version

The long and dense fringe is one of the tendencies in haircuts that we have seen in 2018 and in 2019 it will be renewed with the long hair that like that of Jane Birkin.

Dakota Johnson has been ahead of the trend that embodies the French chic in a haircut with very long layers

and bangs open and the result cannot please us more because it is pure naturalness.