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2019 medium-length haircuts for a chic look!

2019 medium-length haircuts for a chic look!

The retro helmet or the modern care, but also the stepped and blunt cuts, are just some of the tendencies of the 2019 medium-length haircuts.

The cuts are completed with structured folds or disheveled effects, while the lateral lines and the Fringes give volume.

Let’s find out together all the latest trends in half-length haircuts for 2019!


Among the mid-range haircuts is the progressive front frame of Jean Louis David, which goes from the bangs to the shoulders. 

Frack Provost limits the scale to the tips. While Davines creates a layer effect.

Intermede emphasizes the medium-scalped haircut along the face with a gradient color. 

While the soft and natural folds give volume to the slightly slipped cut at the tips.

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2019 medium-length haircuts

Haircuts 2019: cut 70’s – 2019 medium-length haircuts

It is another of the trends that we have seen emerge. 

The long bob or long mane with leafy fringe, with volume and forward in the purest 70s style is one of the trends that are also booming this season. 

The key to this haircut is the fluidity and mobility that will give the hair the cut so make sure you always consult a stylist who defines the length of both the hair and the fringe you want. This trend also admits the fringe in the curtain. Ready to wear a different haircut this season?

2019 medium-length haircuts

2019 medium-length haircuts…
 this trend is perfect for smooth hair. With long we mean to exceed the chest. Keep in mind that this trend is to take care of your hair a lot: keeping it healthy, strong and bright will be all you need to make this trend the perfect one for your hair.

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