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2019 Kids Hairstyles, Make Your Girl The Star In The Event

2019 Kids Hairstyles, Make Your Girl The Star In The Event

We have already seen some of those hair ideas of 2019 Kids Hairstyles for a communion, let’s see how the rest with a gallery of photos, but before we recommend this other post that for sure, will be of your interest:

How do you like to wear the wreath?

Communion Hairstyles 2019 | With corkscrew


Bringing hair with ringlets was a recurring hairstyle for girls long ago, and now it seems that the trend for waves and wavy hair, has allowed again you can bet on that wavy and loose hair, ideal for the first communion.

As for the Communion hairstyles that have to do with collected, we found a great option in a high and quite tight bun like the one you see above. A very romantic style that can be very good for a young girlfriend, as for a girl who is going to take communion.

There are several ways to wear the crowns, either on the forehead or holding the hair as in the following image that we show you.

Communion Hairstyles 2019 | Wreath of flowers

The wreaths are perfect to wear as a complement to the hairstyle, color, and harmony, in addition, the communions are in spring so the flowers are beautiful at this time.

2019 Kids Hairstyles

If you opt for a collection, for your daughter’s hairstyle this communion, you can also choose to make one that is low, like the one you have in this other photo, with a braid and also adorned with a flower headband.

2019 Kids Hairstyles