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Outstanding 2019 curly pixie shortcuts for the crazy girl… 

Outstanding 2019 curly pixie shortcuts for the crazy girl…

THE ROUND CUT PIXIE-2019 curly pixie shortcuts

Curly hair can do with a pixie cut what straight hair simply can not remove. Like this, one of the types of round elves. It is an afro jumbo with a blue hue that is perfect for summer and to show off your amazing tattoos, of course.

2019 curly pixie shortcuts


Yes, even if you have a pixie cut, you can still jump on the ombre trend. Here is an example that shows not one, but three different colors. Start with a natural brunette and gradually descend to cherry red and blonde.


We are absolutely in love with the color of this pixie cut. It’s a delicious chocolate brown with a bit of cinnamon mixed in there to give it a slight edge. The style is amazing also with a nice pair of theatrical gold earrings.

HAIR DESIGNS-2019 curly pixie shortcuts

They are also called hair tattoos and they come in every imaginable shape. This is just a basic line that a stylist creates with a razor. However, you can get what you want, from the logo of a brand to your favorite Disney princess.

THE SCARF FOR HAIR-2019 curly pixie shortcuts

You can also design a magnificent curly elf cut using a headscarf. Use a thin, silk that is easier to tie, and does not cause it to overheat. It is also better to use a soft one that will not damage your hair in the long term.


Unconventional colors can also mean a new version of traditional tones. This, for example, is a metallic cherry red. It is clearly a few steps away from what we would normally consider red hair.


If you love your curls but still want a short haircut, here is a possible solution. See an elf covered in weeds on the top of your head. Let your curls go wild and color them in a crazy color like this cobalt blue.

THE DEEP PART PIXIE CUT-2019 curly pixie shortcuts

Not only is this pixie a beautiful shade of blonde, but it also benefited from a deep lateral part. This allowed him to stylize naturally and organically in a type of giant fauxhawk that you can use every day.

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