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Modern 2019 Curly Haircuts, Outstanding You For Amarvellous Look

Modern 2019 Curly Haircuts, Outstanding You For A Marvelous Look…


We are inspired by the famous ones to tell you what are the curly haircuts that are going to take this fall

We already know which are the haircuts that will take most in 2019 (and which is the best for the shape of your face). But, what if you have curly hair? There are some specific styles for you that will give you a lot of play. 

Despite the fact that Jessica Szohr has opted lately for the long and extremely smooth blonde hair, the curly bob haircut that she recently wore can be very flattering if you do not have much volume. 

2019 Curly Haircuts

Beyoncé with mane XL: curly hair solution

If you do not want to spend a lot of time combing each morning, try to let your hair grow. This way you will give weight and curl less. That’s why, when you go to your hairstylist, ask that only the ends be cut. 

Short curly hairstyles: Rita Ora is the star

If you have short hair and you do not want to let it grow, the straight cut with the stripe on the side combed to the afro as it is worn by Rita Ora is the one that suits you best.

Curly haircut with bangs

If you do not have a lot of hair and you can afford to dress it a little each time you have washed it, we recommend that you copy the sexiest curly haircut. It’s this with bangs that Halle Berry wears. 

2019 Curly Haircuts

Cut it out as Zendaya

Zendaya has a simple haircut: in peak, layered and paraded around the face. If you do not want to complicate your life, this is what you need. 

Combine your curly hair

If you do not want to break your head too much with the curly haircuts that we show you, you will always have the option of plagiarizing your mane of small braids. Follow the example of Berta Vázquez and comb her like her. 

If you are looking for a haircut for 2018 you have found it

Because the fabrics, colors, and cuts that are going to wear this fall winter are ideal with this haircut. Musketeers, corduroy pants, pictures or animal print. Take out your wild side with the sweetness of Blake Lively.