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What did you think of bridal hairstyles? Did you like any? We show you the step by step of each bridal hairstyle and you only have to practice it days before your wedding, so that day will be perfect for you. You can also do 2019 BRIDE LONG HAIRSTYLES with a friend or a sister,

so you can combine and recreate them to your liking.

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There is a wide variety of tall chongos , from the most elaborate to the easiest to make.

Look at all the ways you can wear a chongo or high chignon,

the only thing you should have is time and some tools such as donuts,

fixative, natural or artificial flowers and hairpins the same shade of your hair.

The best thing is that the tall chongos can be accompanied with any type of neckline,

they can be square, round or type V. In addition this type of high bridal hairstyles make your face look completely.

If you are one of the brides who do not like to wear their hair completely collected on the day of your wedding, we recommend you to wear this crown made with your own hair and that will allow you to show off the rest of your hair.

  1. Curl the ends of your hair with the help of a curling iron.
  2. Take the fringe and divide them into two strands to make a fine braid and fasten it with a rubber band at the end.
  3. Place a headband on the crown, it can be bought or created by you.
  4. Hold with your hands the braids and interlacing to create the crown.
  5. Attach the ends with several forks.
  6. Take a strand of each side and join them in the back with a fork, you can place a hook of your choice.