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2019 Box Braids with Color for Black Women

2019 Box Braids with Color for Black Women

2019 Box Braids square measure highly regarded which implies you’ve got in all probability worn these braids repeatedly before.

thereupon aforementioned, you’ll be finding out a replacement look.

a technique you’ll amendment up your usual hair and liven your box braids is by adding fashionable colors.

Their square measure such a big amount of beautiful shades offered and that we have found +7 pretty box braids with color to present you some inspiration.

we’ve got one thing for everybody from rainbow colors to statement creating shades to lovely ombre.

+7 Box Braids 2019 with Color for Black Women

2019 Box Braids

The first plan we’ve got to indicate you’re these awful rainbow box braids. These box braids square measure during a style of vivacious shades from blue to yellow. Hair like this can be excellent for anyone UN agency desires a dramatic and fun style. Rainbow braids would be nice for the summer too.

light-weight COPPER BOX BRAIDS 2019

Copper tones square measure highly regarded for braids and that we will see why! Here we’ve got box braids that are created with a lightweight copper shade. As you’ll see, the copper has given the classic box braids a trendy makeover. Hair colors just like the one featured can suit everybody


Looking for a press release creating hair idea? Then this next decision is for you! Here we’ve got box braids with a purple to pink ombre. the highest of the braids square measure dark, then flip purple than pink at the ends. Hair like this can be daring and can get you noticed! you’ll recreate the pink and purple or select 2 different colors.

light-weight BLONDE BOX BRAIDS 2019

Next, we’ve got box braids that are created with a gorgeous, light-weight blonde. Blonde shades just like the one featured square measure summery and can brighten up your look. thereupon aforementioned, braids like this may look wonderful for the summer and vacations. you’ll add in different colors too… perhaps pink?


Our next plan is burgundy brown. A brown tone like this can be excellent for the women UN agency need a new hair color, however, don’t need something too vivacious or over the highest. Shades like this may stylishly update your look, however, keep the hair wanting natural too.


Another widespread color alternative for box braids is blue! These next braids are created with a gorgeous navy. we tend to love however fashionable and daring the color is. you’ll use a statement shades like this to liven the only of adorned designs. If the navy isn’t for you, you’ll select lighter blue too.


Ombre may be a hair trend that has been around for a short time and it’s still essential to look. Here we’ve got an excellent fashionable ombre color plan. The braids commence dark then turn out to be a gorgeous red shade. Hair like this may suit everybody and you’ll select any color for your ombre.


Tried the blondes, reds and different widespread colors? searching for one thing different? Then this next hair plan is for you! These box braids are created with a vivacious purple shade. we tend to love this look as a result of the purple color is attractive and a statement creating. it’s the right hair plan for the women UN agency need a dramatic makeover that gets attention!