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2019 Best haircuts with which you will be inspired in 2019

2019 Best haircuts with which you will be inspired in 2019

We have compiled 2019 Best haircuts with which you will be inspired in 2019. The most trendy haircuts for women with which you will want to experiment with your hair right now. Long hair, medium hair, short hair … Choose your style!


Do you want to change your beauty look but are you confused? Do not worry: we have compiled all the trends in women’s haircuts that you want to wear this 2019. So sit comfortably and choose yours right now. How about a layered XXL mane like that of Izabel Goulart?

Long Hair: Straight And Straight

If, like Miranda Kerr, you have a long mane with a normal amount of hair, dare with a straight cut. Simple, very elegant and combines well with everything. 

Long Hair: Smooth And Layered

Another classic in terms of fashionable haircuts. Inspire yourself in Jennifer Aniston and wear your hair smooth and cut into layers. A simple but beautiful cut. 

Long Hair: Smooth And With Paredes tips

If you have little hair and your hair is very thin like that of Keira Knightley, this long haircut will be a total success. Forget the layers and opt for a cut with marred tips.

Long Hair: Smooth with bangs

If you have a long face, the haircut worn by actress Hannah Simone will look great on you. A smooth XXL hair with a straight fringe and a little disheveled is what you were looking for.

Long Hair: Wavy and layered

It’s a fact: Blake Lively has one of Hollywood’s most spectacular manes. The actress is wearing a layered cut that gives her hair a natural wavy effect with a lot of movement. Yes, we also die of envy. 

Long Hair: Curly

Leona Lewis shows off her curly hair in XXL version with pride and we have to say that we love it. The singer has opted for a layered haircut and it looks great. 

Half Hair: Straight and straight hair

Kim Kardashian’s haircut sweeps Instagram like no other. And it’s not surprising since it has everything: it’s simple, beautiful, fresh … If you’re thinking about renewing your beauty look, it’s a safe bet, we guarantee it. Although the layers have come to stay, a straight hair like Kim’s is one of the trends that will take over our hair in 2019. Remember that straight and smooth cut requires healthy hair so if you want to know how to recover Damaged hair, take a look. 

Half Hair: Straight Hair With Marred Tips

Take note of this cut Doutzen Kroes and bet on long layers with the tips marched. If you wear your hair like the model, with the stripe in the middle and smooth, you will find it as comfortable and chic. And do not forget that there are many tricks for this half-length cut to take years off.

Half Hair: Long Bob

The long bob is still the cut of the moment, as demonstrated by Emma Stone and many other celebrities who have signed up for him. It’s a length between long and short, so it’s a perfect solution if you want to cut your mane without risking too much. 

Half Hair: Layered Wavy Hair

Hailey Baldwin is wearing a medium hair with layers and it looks great. If you also think that by having curly or wavy hair, you can not wear layers, here is an example of how well you feel. Yes, in case you had not noticed, what it takes most this year is the average mane with a good number of layers. 

Half Hair: Curly Hair

Do you have curly hair? If so, a few long, but VERY light layers are also a safe bet to wear a perfect mane and avoid frizz.  Take note of this haircut by actress Sherri Saum. WONDER!2019 Best haircuts


If you think that the fringe does not suit wavy or semi-curly hair, you can not be more wrong: Rita Ora shows it with her latest lookA cut of the chicest for 2019. 

Half Hair: Wavy Hair With Asymmetrical Bangs

We are very fans of the bangs at eight Basque surnames of Emma Watson. It is a youthful, carefree and very fresh cut. And yes, the baby bangs with a touch of asymmetry will continue to be a trend in 2019. 

Half Hair: Bangs Pareded

Mila Kunis monopolized all eyes when she premiered this haircut. He bet on a radical change of look: half hair with irregular bangs and blunt, and right. If now you also want to change haircut, take note of these 15 fringes that are worn this season 

Half Hair: Bangs Open

Alexa Chung should be your celebrity guide if you want to hit with your next look change. With an open fringe, it manages to soften his features and balance his elongated features well. 2019 Best haircuts

Short Hair: Smooth ‘Pixie’

Comfortable, fresh and daring. This is the pixie haircut proudly worn by Katy Perry. Highlights the features with elegance and the coolest lestIn addition, it remains trend season after season. 

Short Hair: Smooth and Shaved

The new haircut with which Laura Escanes surprised us managed to attract attention. The influencer has opted for a slightly longer shaving at the top. We think it’s a success!

Short Hair: Wavy ‘Pixie’

The look of Úrsula Corberó that favors him most: a  disheveled pixie. If you want to experiment with your mane, with this haircut you will monopolize all eyes. 

Short Hair: Thick Blck Curly

Lupita Nyong’o knows how to make the most of her curly hair. A very comfortable, fresh and easy to maintain cut. 

Short Hair: Bangs

The fringe on one side of the face is a most flattering style for almost all women, although we have to say that it is especially ideal if you have a round face. Paz Vega knows how to show it off, so take note and learn from her.