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2018 Mid Length Hair For Medium Hair Styles Women’s

Mid Length Hair For Medium Hair Styles Women

Every woman will not lie, how difficult it is to stop her choice in any haircut with 2018 Mid Length Hair. I really want you to emphasize the facial oval, she has shown the beauty of our hair. At the same time, we want to get a new interesting image.


Easy haircut With Medium Hair Styles

In addition, we want the hairstyle requires a minimum of effort and time at the time of conclusion.

According to many hairdressers, such a hairstyle can be a waterfall. With your help, you can get a volume of hair. The haircut cascade makes it possible to put different hair in different ways. It looks equally beautiful both long and short hair in a straight line and slightly curly.

2018 Mid Length Hair For Medium Hair Styles


Cascade – is a haircut in which the hair moves gradually from short to longer to longer. Such “game” of length forms a kind of real waterfall. The haircut can have different variants: be strongly “torn” along the hair or only at the tips.


Even though this haircut is universal and can make hair of different lengths, it must be said that it is best to look for curly hair or straight medium length.

Who is the cascade haircut?

The advantage of haircuts is also that with their help they visually adjust the shape of the face. For example, an oblong face can smooth a waterfall of medium length with a long bangs thickness, round face decorating cascade of hair cut on long hair.



If you have regular features, very thick hair can safely choose the “frozen” stage, when the hair length on it, but the tips are “kind of coarse.”

In general, cutting a waterfall is more suitable for an oval or slightly elongated face. The facade of the haircut is described in steps, which can start from the line of the ear, chin or chin. That is the reason why people usually refer to that haircut as a ladder.