2018 Medium Length Haircuts for Teens – Medium haircuts

Medium Length Haircuts for Teens – Medium haircuts

Hair Inspiration websites traditionally focus on long or short hairstyles. Here at hairstylishe.com we like to do things a little differently. We think it’s about time you showed us some love at 2018 Medium Length Haircuts. Average hair length offers versatility and excitement when it comes to different styles. You can work with a variety of up to two in your look, or transform your hair when it is down. We’ve toured the internet to pick up some of our pretty average lengths of hairstyles in one place.

2018 Medium Length Haircuts Ideas Hairstyle

Selena Gomez offers us the last hair of inspiration in the above look! Steal your style by opting for a super blunt graduated hairstyle. Leave the hair longer on the front of the face and cut gradually shorter towards the back. Opt for a deep line to the side. Keep your shiny hair shaded by a rich coffee. Make deadly straight hair to show the blunt graduated ends.

2018 Medium Length Haircuts for Teens

2018 Medium Length Haircuts for Teens - Medium haircuts 1

Brunette to Blonde Balayage Curls – Curly Hairstyles Medium for Thick Hair

Balayage 2018 Medium Length Haircuts is a transition color, which combines a shadow in the other. In this case, it is dark brown for a beautiful candy shadow of the blonde. Copy this style by cutting your hair in a mid-length business unit. This should fall an inch below the shoulder length. Keep the cutting ends on a blunt edge. Split the hair in the center and add curls from the level of the ear down.

2018 Medium Length Haircuts for Teens - Medium haircuts 2

Copper Medium Business Unit with Loose Curls – Hair Style Color Ideas for Women

Copper is a beautiful shade of half the length of hair! Add a bright red shadow on your finished fire look. Cut in a medium of bob, which falls over the shoulder in length. Vaguely curling the tips of your hair using straighteners or curling tongs. This adds a little bit of inflatable finish for your hair. This style would be just as beautiful left straight too!

Baby Pink Textured Business Unit Cutting Balayage, Wavy Hairstyle Medium

Baby pink is a trend of hair color! It’s a subtle way of incorporating something a little different. Choose your favorite shade of rose and add everything about your hair. Ask your stylist to add nervous layers to your half the length of bob. Securing the ends of the hair are bluntly cut for a contemporary style. I work loose curls from the root to the tip and tousle with the fingers for this fabulous finish!


2018 Medium Length Haircuts for Teens - Medium haircuts 3

Romantic Candy Curls Capes, Curly Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Another balayage mix to add to the collection! Copy this look by dyeing your hair a light brown color. Mix this color in a vibrant and bright candy shade. To cut the hair so that it falls on a graduated layer. Not on the front of the hair and the shorter on the back. Be sure to cut the shorter hair on the front of the face for a stripe of the section. Add romantic curls from top to bottom to get out of style night to die!

Black to Red Balayage Curl Barrel – Dark Hair Color

Black and red create a classic combination. They never stop working together! Dyeing black hair at the root, and using a balayage technique melt into a deep, vibrant shade of red. Sweep the hair back and add thick barrel curls from mid-section of hair. Make sure the curls are inflatable for this ultra glam silhouette!

2018 Medium Length Haircuts for Teens - Medium haircuts 4

Dragged Again Tousled Lob Hair Styles with Highlights – Balayage Hairstyle Ideas

Sweeping the back of the front of your hair creates the most fresh and casual look. With its average length of the business unit, a shorter cut of the layer at the top that falls around the length of the ear. Add golden flashes along a tan. Curl your hair back from your face for this incredible new style drag. Run your fingers along an impressive final result.

Blonde Balayage of the Beach of the Waves – Curly Medium Hair Style

Beach waves are our favorites from day to night style. They look beautiful enough for a night of occasion, but cute and causal for the day too. Steal this style by opting for a mid-length bob. Make sure that the cut

2018 Medium Length Haircuts for Teens - Medium haircuts 5

Messy Hairstyle Texture – Balayage, in Medium Layers Hair Cuts

Texture is the best way to add body to your medium-length combed! His haircut, so that he falls a couple of centimeters below the level of the shoulder. Mix of a dark blond candy to a white blond shadow on the tips. Vaguely curling the hair from the root to the tip. Using a brush, again comb the ends of the hair to add volume and texture. This is the best day for the night look – so nervous and amazing!


Blonde Ombre Curls – Half Curly Hair Cuts

Curls will bring a mid-length combed hairstyle to life – especially with a transition color like this. Mix your hair from a dark, neutral blonde to a vibrant and bright white blond at the ends. Using tweezers or hair straightener, curl the hair backwards from the root to the tip. Make sure the curls are adjusted for the effect ring. Add product to ensure the style stays the whole day!