2018 Long Bangs Hairstyles For Women’s – Haircuts Bangs

2018 Long Bangs Hairstyles For Women’s – Haircuts Bangs

Fashion for 2018 long bangs came to us a few years ago and has not lost its relevance until now. Such bangs look great both on short hairstyle and in hairstyles for long hair. But most importantly – they perfectly correct some of the shortcomings of appearance, transform the appearance, make it enigmatic, charming and insanely sexual.

Long Bangs Hairstyles For Women’s – Haircuts Bang

2018 Long Bangs

2018 Long Bangs Hairstyles For Women's - Haircuts Bangs 1

Who fits a long bangs 2018

Elongated bangs are considered universal and unpretentious. It fits many, does not require constant attention, it fits better, allows you to create a variety of hairstyles and images. Such a bang can afford even curly-haired girls.

Meanwhile, stylists highlight a number of points on wh elongated bangs become an integral part of the haircut: the need to adjust the face oval, remove the forehead too wide or make the top of the head lush and bulky.

Types of long bangs

The appearance of an elongated bang depends on many factors: from the structure of the hair, amok in the haircut, fashion trends. But first of all, the stylist pays attention to the shape of the girl’s face.

For example, long straight bangs will look better on women with an oval or elongated face that has a broad forehead line. A wide face with prominent cheekbones will perfectly correct the sloping or asymmetrical long bangs. The round and fleshy face will help to cover the elongated bangs on the edges of the face.


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Ragged elements, feathers, graduation in bangs are also able to make the necessary visual adjustment of external data. They help to form an oval, to give splendor to a haircut and to create interesting accents

Long straight bangs 2018

Such bangs are in a trend, but, unfortunately, not all will suit. The direct cut looks great on the Asian type of appearance, on girls with long straight hair and an oval, proportional face.2018 Long Bangs On medium or short haircuts a long bang with straight cut stylists try to slightly round out or profile in order to smooth out the accents and remove the face from the strict frames. In addition, the structure of the hair should be perfectly straight and smooth, so that the bangs look well-groomed and neat. And this effect, at times, can be quite difficult to achieve.

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Long slanting bangs

A skewed long bang is the hit of this season. Such a bang is suitable for almost everyone. In short and medium haircuts, it helps to model the face oval, and in long – creates the necessary atmosphere of charm and puzzle. The bevel may be weak and even or have sharp lines and a torn effect. Everything depends on the master’s idea. Ragged bangs are easier to lay down, do not require constant adjustment and trimming.


Graduated beveled fringe helps to give volume to the hair. In addition, it looks great in cascades and cuts quads or beans. Beveled bangs are traditionally laid on their side or divided into two parts by an uneven parting. In the second case, one part of the bang will be bigger than the other. This approach is used if it is necessary to smooth the line of temples and the side zone of the forehead with the falling strands.

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Long asymmetrical bangs

Asymmetric long bangs look great on short haircuts. Helps to support the avant-garde, catchy idea of the master. Such bangs are popular for the most part among young girls and boys who try to escape from the monotonous, classical image, to make their style original and unusual. Strands are cut with a ragged effect, uneven feathers and reinforced filings appear.

Some curls are painted in bright shades. This allows you to draw additional attention to the haircut. Light asymmetry in the bang is often found in asymmetric medium haircuts and on long hair. The stylist uses restrained asymmetric accents to model the face oval and create an extra volume in the hair.

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2018 Long Bangs

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Elongated bangs around the edges of the face

Such bangs, as a rule, appear as a result of the process of growing a short haircut or a short bang. Strands of an elongated bang are divided into two parts and fit on both sides of the face. The parting can be middle, beveled or lateral. The cut of hair at the bangs is better to do uneven, with feathers and Filipovic. 

This allows you to gently pour the length of the bangs into the total mass of the haircut and beautifully decorate the face. The elongated bangs on the edges of the face look best on long hair and in some medium haircuts, for example, an asymmetrical bean or an elongated square.