2018 Beautiful Medium Bob Haircuts & Edgy Looks

2018 Beautiful Medium Bob Haircuts & Edgy Looks

This selection of beautiful Medium Bob Haircuts is also a fabulous showcase for the Edgier cuts! There is a lot of color and texture in these hairstyles and the wave patterns have a strong, “undone” vibe. These chic, choppy and wavy looks are all state-of-the-art, undermining the “neat and tidy”, hair-spattering bobs of the past! The medium length bob is also a versatile hairstyle that is easy to style and forget for busy, fashionable women.

But the hair is still long enough for appearances on occasional or special occasions. So when you’re ready to kick your heels on, get nice mid-bob haircuts 2018“Idea here” because it’s clunky for you, messy and sophisticated where it is now!

Beautiful Medium Bob Haircuts & Edgy Looks For Women’s 2018

Medium Bob Haircuts

Medium, Bob, Haircuts

Twists on Medium Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Medium long hairstyles for fine hair always looks thicker when cutting to the same length, so no density is lost. And the stylist who created this young and casual bob added the illusion of thicker hair with a selection of tricks. Defined, twisted waves provide a broader structure and adding a lighter blonde Ombré also emphasizes the ends, which can look “thin” on fine hair. The tips for this cut are textured for a fashionably edgy, uneven look and a rough style. The medium blonde Ombré blends well with the light brown roots of the model for a relaxed, natural finish.

2018 Beautiful Medium Bob Haircuts & Edgy Looks 1

copper with orange & white balayage – nice midsize bob hairstyles

Strong reds and deep copper are again a strong trend! And this fashionable selection of warm hair colors matches light to medium skin tones with a warm undertone. This haircut will have medium- thick hair with some natural waves and should remain “styled” throughout the day.

There are texture and color depth in the cheerful orange and white highlights that give a sun-bleached, summery look! Your hair stylist will cut heavily textured tips and remove thick hair to bend underneath when blown dry. You can adjust the dividing line to flatter your face shape and when your skin is tanned, this super color will still look great!

2018 Beautiful Medium Bob Haircuts & Edgy Looks 2

Great brown, beige and blond ombré – nice medium sized bob haircuts

This beautiful mix of dark and light shades is absolutely contemporary and very attractive! The look is striking and has the latest style features, such as the shaft midway over straight, rounded tips. But the colorist has steered the trendy colors perfect for a soft and feminine image. The model has pale skin with some warm undertones, so the colors are more neutral than extremely gray, ash brown and blond. A good salon will help you discover your most flattering new colors!

2018 Beautiful Medium Bob Haircuts & Edgy Looks 3

A modern twist on classic beautiful medium bob hairstyles for thick hair

This gorgeous cut and color is a classic bob haircut for thick hair that’s really “effortlessly elegant”. And to accommodate the modern atmosphere, the clever stylist has added some exciting new twists! The layered line from back to front shows the skill of the stylist in the expertly graded, steep haircut.

From the front, this is a long bob – but in the back, there is a surprising volume wave in disheveled, short layers! For this style, you need thick hair because the stacked volume is based on tight layers to shape hair into shape. And the brilliant beige, caramel, and soft gold blond tones complete a trendy and timeless look perfectly!

2018 Beautiful Medium Bob Haircuts & Edgy Looks 4

Refine dark, fine hair with ash / neutral beige balayage

Here is a smoother wavy bob with a sophisticated color technique that complements medium or fine hair with 3-D strength. It’s a classic way to add dark-haired blonde sympathies. The ash-blond and beige balayage on the upper layers parts in loose, disheveled twists to indicate the deep coffee brown underneath. The middle part fits oval surfaces, but you can adapt it to any face shape. This is another good style for adding width to a long face, as it has no extra height at the top.

2018 Beautiful Medium Bob Haircuts & Edgy Looks 5

Roaring red bob with rippling waves

There is something so intrusive about vibrant red hairstyle! A look at this model and I have the impression of a happy, confident and positive personality. The deep blue red is new for this season and looks fantastic on warm skin tones.

In the soft, prickly, separated layers lies freshness, which forms in the stacked back a sweet, fluffy characteristic. And the deep ripples along the sides create fantastic color reflections right up to the darker peaks that are just touching the collarbone! And you can see how easy it is to create a fashionable upstyle with dark roots.

2018 Beautiful Medium Bob Haircuts & Edgy Looks 6

angled bob in warm copper red

This ‘Vintage’ 1960’2 Bob has the smooth finish on the thick hair of the original Mary Quant look. However, the stylist has added an edgy twist at the extreme angle of the bob. The back is stacked very high and follows the angle to the back center. But instead of shaking or shaving the neck to accommodate such highly stacked layers, the hair is cut in separate closed layers that are bent in the neck. This is a great new look that looks, even more, appealing with the beautiful warm copper color shown in the slightly ruffled surface!

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