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+20 Easy Hairstyles 2019 Step by Step for Long Hair


+20 Easy Hairstyles 2019 Step by Step for Long Hair

Easy Hairstyles 2019, If you have long hair surely use the hairstyle collected is something usual in your look, especially on hot days.

But not only for the summer and spring the hair is used but also because it is elegant and very beautiful when you use it for a party or a wedding at night.

Easy Picked Hairstyles Step by Step for Long

For young girls, it is highly recommended to use the hair collected in 2019 for a matter of neatness and elegance for school.

as well as not to get nits, lice in the sandbox, something very common in preschool children.

In this article, I will show you the best haircuts and hairstyles 2019 you can use to be more comfortable when wearing a dress or dress every day.

I will explain to you step by step in a simple and quick way how you can learn to have fashionable hairstyles.

but at the same time that it adapts to your hair length since not only to wear the gathered hair is for women with long hair.
Easy Hairstyles 2019

This is another hairstyle that is widely used with high ponytail where a knot hairstyle is made and then the volume is given to the hair of the upper part of the head.

remaining tight on the sides and with greater height from above. 

It is very nice if you use the hair with brown dye and blonde highlights give more light inside the casual hairstyles 2019 is my favorite.

This is a crown of braids 2019 and is within the easily collected hairstyles that are used as they are very elegant but above all.

you can combine with delicate appliques for hair and leave a small wick on the front side.

 Ideal for 15 year birthdays and wedding parties.

Within the easily collected hairstyles 2019.

you have a low bun on the side that can be done as long as you have plenty of hair and your hair is long.

This hairstyle is already more elaborated with a chongo in the upper part that surrounds it a braid that emerges from the nape being very nice for blondes with dark roots.

it raises the top part of the hair layer leaving with greater visibility the part of the roots of the scalp.

Easy hairstyle 2019 picked up and used to pick hair for a tail of low hair the braid can be crossed or spike side by taking both sides and tying with a knot for long hair.

Another hairstyle picked up easy for a wedding 2018-2019 .

where you can make braid crown with wicks coming out of the sides and a nape at the nape with a sconce for the bride.

 Highly recommended if you want to clear your face and complement it with soft makeup.

The beautiful easy picked hairstyle 2019 that can be accompanied with a French braid for when you have long hair or long wavy hair to get a romantic style if you plan to go on a date.

Another hairstyle that is very nice that you do not need to make a braid avoiding this setback and is very elegant as well is an easy and beautiful hairstyle.

This is a high bun surrounded by a braid which helps to collect all the hair by clearing the entire area of the forehead and sides.

The crown with braids with a bun or bun at the nape of the neck is a classic hairstyle for parties that is always recommended with a little spray to fix the hair and last all night.

Hairstyles collected for girls in the form of a crown with braid which will enchant you to represent your favorite princess. I advise you above all that the braiding gives you enough space to make each division-wide.

Hairstyles collected at night with a crossed cross and applying a low back, is used mainly in ladies, girls and youth to rejuvenate the appearance.

Picked up with curly strands on one side of the nape is very nice if you have long, wavy hair 2019.