+10 Latest Short Hairstyle For Women Over 40 – 50

+10 Latest Short Hairstyle For Women Over 40 – 50

Do not worry about your age – get a modern short hairstyle for women in 2018 over 40 – 50 and show your confident style! Getting older can mean that our priorities are changing, but that does not mean that you stop making the most of yourself. And these days flattering short hairstyle for women over a certain age are just as trendy as any other new hair inspiration. These stylish short hairstyles for women over 40 are packed with the latest in cut and color innovations so you can look good forever!



The angled bob cut is a classic that has survived many decades because it flatters to different face shapes. It is also an excellent choice for those with medium-thick hair and a strong fashion sense. This brand new hair color idea underlines an elegant wavy edge with a trendy mix of brown, copper, blonde and orange pretty pink balayage!


Modern makeover 2018 – stylish short hairstyle for women over 40 – 50

Most of us eventually go from long hair to a shorter hairstyle because we want a more flattering hairstyle. If you let go of your long curls, it means you know how to be an attractive and fashionable woman! This heavily bent bob takes years of a mature woman’s years because it’s a completely new twist on the classic cut. When you learn about the latest wave styles and edgy features, such as the textured, straight pony, it always projects a youthful image!

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+10 Latest Short Hairstyle For Women Over 40 - 50 2

Light blonde short hairstyle for women over 40 – 50

If your hair color fades, do not fight – get a great hair design that takes advantage of your lighter shade! This A-Line Bob is a fabulous hairstyle for mature women as it ends on a flattering length just below the chin. The top layer is a trendy beige-blonde shade that matches mature skin tones. And you get a fashionable two-tone effect when the layers below have a contrasting color like brown or gray!

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stylish short hairstyle for women over 40 – 50

There is a seductive touch of “bed-head” over this cute chin-length bob that also has a very natural color! This is a beautiful short, multilayer bob for medium hair. Short, multi-layered cuts remove the weight, so you can easily get a relaxed wave for added texture and volume. If you combine a casual, disheveled bob with ruby red lips, this is definitely a sexy, youthful vibe!

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stylish pixie hairstyles for mature women 2018

Here is a great hairstyle for fine or thinning hair types! Forward combed styles are the height of hair fashion straight, and you’ll find it’s easier to get curls and volume when styling against the natural flow. Rather than finding that your hair has become flat by half of the day, these youthful, random waves will hold up well with just a light spray. Bright Aschblond is a big trend this year, so no one has to worry about her hair “whitening”! Hooray!

+10 Latest Short Hairstyle For Women Over 40 - 50 5

Messy flat waves and summery beige ombré Hairstyles

If you choose a strong angled bob like the one above, you can still brush your shoulders with hair. This brings the drama of switching from a long hairstyle to a shorter, more flattering one! Keeping pace with hair fashion is one of the key elements in maintaining a youthful appearance and this messy bob is cutting-edge. The flat, wide waves are disheveled for a laid-back finish and the neutral beige-blonde Ombré adds a touch of golden warmth to flat-brow hair!ray hair !

What a fantastic picture showing this year’s main hair color trend for light, auburn hair! Reddish-brown, copper and red shades are recommended for all women with paler skin and warm undertones. This fashionable cut has a wide fringe cut that only covers the eyebrows, which puts the focus on a pair of pretty, green eyes. Suitable for good – medium hair the back and sides are cut to a length with a dull, choppy end. Simply add flexibly defined waves for vibrant movement and texture!

+10 Latest Short Hairstyle For Women Over 40 - 50 6

Amazing artistic balayage on brunette robe

Black or dark coffee hair are the natural colors that most often show gray hair. But you can look especially stylish with new Balayage hair – a color idea that brings warmth in golden and coral blonde highlights. It’s far more flattering than adding cool blonde highlights to dark hair, as warm colors make for a softer look. This super-stylish bob also has separate layers, in a fabulously modern short haircut!

+10 Latest Short Hairstyle For Women Over 40 - 50 7

+10 Latest Short Hairstyle For Women Over 40 - 50 8

+10 Latest Short Hairstyle For Women Over 40 - 50 9

Trendy & funny blonde & lavender short wavy bob

Here’s another clever way to add volume and density to finer or thinning hair. This layered bob has darker roots and light blonde waves, with fine beige colors enhancing the effect. Tousled waves and 3-D colors are great for the illusion of thicker hair. And a little more fun to add to this adorable look, there’s a nice touch of lavender on one side of a modern, angled bob!

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 Short Hairstyles For Women’s Over 40 – 50


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